Let's be honest, men's fashion isn't nearly as much fun as women's, especially when it comes to getting all gussied up in formal garb. For men, the pot can pretty much be boiled down to three basic variables: 1. Tie shape 2. To cummerbund or not to cummerbund and 3. Level of fashion bravado. So it is totally understandable for male celebrities to become jaded with the limited realm of prosaic male attire and seek other methods of adding a little snazzle dazzle to their personal senses of style.

Many men dabble in self-expression via varying facial hair patterns - a.k.a. "manscaping." Right now, the trendiest of manscaping blueprints is the mustache, whose revival campaign, according to US Magazine, is being championed by facial hair aficionado, Brad Pitt. "I'm bringin' 'stachey back. Yeah. Them other boys don't know how to act" is apparently Brad's new life mantra. That, along with "Spawn a personal army of beautiful, full-lipped babies." Seriously Brad, we get it, your turtle is fertile.

Extreme Brad Pitt Moustache Close-up:

Anyways, along with Mr. Pitt, other newly initiated members to the fuzzy upper lip club include George Clooney, Jude Law, and Nicolas Cage, who, like Brad, are all mustachioed for their roles in upcoming films. Oh, and let's not forget about the dreamy James Franco and his does a body good, Milk mustache!

The mustache's reappointed status as an emblem of sex appeal and coolosity (the mustache is the new sock in the pants) can also be attributed to the development of the Movember Foundation, which was created in 2004 based on the initiative of a group of young men from Adelaide, Australia. Since its creation, the Movember Foundation has used the month of November…err Movember to raise funds and spread awareness concerning men's health and the fight against prostate cancer. At the commencement of Movember, the participants, who are known as "Mo Bros," start with a clean shaven face, then spend the remainder of the month putting forth their most valiant efforts to grow and groom la crème de la crème of 'staches in the hopes of taking home the coveted "Man of Movember" title. The Movember events culminate at the end of the month at the Gala Partés, which are comprised of a cornucopia of mustache-sporting celebrity doppelgangers, including Borat, Hulk Hogan, and of course, Tom Selleck, who, as everyone knows, represents the zenith of outstanding mustache achievement.

Got Mustache? These guys do:

Cultivating a mustache is definitely no easy task; all too often, attempted mustaches turn into colossal mustakes. Many mustaches recoup the clownish (albeit still sexy) machismo of the '70's and append a creepy, porn star element to the aura of the 'stache wearer. While others generate the guise of an old school cartoon villain, the kind who skulks around town wearing an oversized top hat strapping damsels in distress to train tracks. And let's not forget about those okily dokily, Ned Flanders, push broom mustaches or the Mario, handlebar variety - ick.

While growing a mustache may be dicey business, if Brad Pitt's mustache mania and/or the Mo Bros movement has enthused you to follow their facial hair lead, it is important to remember that the main ingredient of mustache growth is confidence. To sport a 'stache and to sport it well, you have to adopt a "Hello world, my upper lip grew a turtle neck. What about it?" kind of attitude. You wear the 'stache, don't let the 'stache wear you. If you continue having 'stache apprehensions, every morning, step away from the razor, and give your whiskers this pep talk, "Tom Selleck, Tom Selleck, Tom Selleck."

Story by Michaela Zanello

Starpulse contributing writer