Test your knowledge of the big showbiz news of 2012 with WENN's quiz of the year. Here we invite you to show off your Hollywood prowess by answering 30 questions on the big movie and TV stories of the last 12 months...

1. A slew of stars were given the honor of carrying the Olympic torch on its tour around the U.K. over the summer, but not everyone was granted the opportunity to run with the flame ahead of the London 2012 Games - who missed out on the occasion?

a. Daniel Radcliffe
b. Patrick Stewart
c. James McAvoy

2. Which country was Tom Cruise filming in when Katie Holmes filed for divorce?

a. France
b. Iceland
c. Canada

3. Which Baldwin brother took legal action against Kevin Costner amid allegations he was cheated out of profits after selling his shares in an oil filtering business?

a. Daniel
b. Alec
c. Stephen

4. In August, actress Jennifer Aniston got engaged to Justin Theroux, her co-star in which movie?

a. Horrible Bosses
b. Wanderlust
c. He's Just Not That Into You

5. Saucy summer blockbuster Magic Mike was based on which actor's real-life experiences as a stripper?

a. Joe Manganiello
b. Matthew McConaughey
c. Channing Tatum


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