Cedric The Entertainer has made his directorial debut with a new movie about a musical martial art.
The actor/comedian, who also appears in the film, directed Kel Mitchell, Kat Graham and comedy pals Tommy Davidson and Rodney Perry in "Dance Fu."
He says, "It's about a kid who is a choreographer and he has to avenge his uncle's death and he realizes he can't fight unless he hears music, so he has to learn the art of dance fu."

The crazy comedy tells the story of Chicago Pulaski Jones, a dance champion with big dreams of becoming a big star in the big city. But when a crime boss named Pretty Eyed Willy murders Chicago's uncle, the thespian will have to dance is way to revenge, combining his existing skills with a strange form of martial arts that give him the power to serve up justice to Willy with his own two jazz hands.