Michael Douglas claims wife Catherine Zeta-Jones is a disaster in the kitchen. The actor joked on TV this week that Catherine's latest film role, in which she plays a chef, could turn out to be a challenge for the Oscar-winning beauty.

The Hollywood heavyweight told US chat show The View: "She's filming a movie at the moment in New York, It's probably her greatest performance ever because she's playing a chef and she can't boil water."

Catherine, 36, reportedly spent a week in a top New York restaurant to research the role, but it appears to have left no impression on her husband. Douglas, who took two years off acting to focus on being a dad, is making a comeback this year as a Secret Service heavy in the thriller The Sentinel.

Douglas, 61, who has two children with Catherine, also confessed he had not expected to start a family at such an advanced age. The actor said: "I never expected to start a family again at this time of life. What could be better than this kind of bond? The lady is working so it allows me time to spend with the kids."