In last night's episode, "He's Dead, She's Dead," a famous psychic named Vivienne was a murder victim, found dead, stuffed in her couch by her own daughter. Suffice it to say she probably should have seen this coming (zing!). Oh wait. Did she?

Castle (Nathan Fillion) thought so, as he tested, often annoyingly, Beckett’s (Stana Katic) skepticism about fate, psychics and the paranormal. Of course, Beckett and her team weren’t having that, as they are detectives who live by concrete evidence and logical explanations, and thus are, by default, skeptics.

Turns out that this Vivienne wasn’t as clairvoyant as Castle thought she was and did not, indeed, see her death forthcoming, as viewers and Castle were fooled into thinking that the psychic wrote a letter that predicted her own death. It was all part of this sinister master plan to cover up the fact that a scorned woman murdered her cheating husband. To make sure that the police didn’t suspect her of murder, the scorned murdering vile of a woman, played by guest star Bess Armstrong (My So-Called Life) killed Vivienne. Because she just had to kill the psychic to save her own tookus, right? Of course. Duh.

In the midst of the investigation, Beckett gets some surprising news as the victim’s daughter tells Beckett that she, too, is clairvoyant like her mother is, err, was. The daughter explains to Beckett that she had a dream that Beckett will meet a man named Alexander that will be very important to Beckett. Castle finds out about the psychic’s daughter’s dream, revealing that (gasp!) his real name is not, in fact, Richard Edgar Castle but Richard Alexander Rodgers. Oh Castle.

The psychic wasn’t the only one who bit the dust last night. Chet, the boyfriend of Castle’s mother Martha (Susan Sullivan), died unexpectedly, just days after proposing to Martha. But Martha feels über bad because (a) she never actually agreed to marry him and (b) decides to break up with him, right before his death. But, Martha, being the clever actress on and off stage that she is, automatically turns on the Grieving Widow mode without missing a beat. Even though she and Chet were never married. Hell, they were never really engaged. Oh Martha.

Castle airs again next Monday at 10 p.m. EST on ABC, with the third episode of the season, “Under the Gun.”