Any time a movie or TV comic book adaptation is announced, the internet becomes instantly abuzz with casting ideas, and when it comes to a character as iconic as Princess Diana of Themiscyra, those opinions are STRONG!

David E. Kelley’s new "Wonder Woman" show (presumably designed to fill the gap Clark Kent will leave when he finally becomes Superman at the end of this final season of "Smallville") is the latest attempt to bring live action resurrection to comics’ pre-eminent superheroine. So who can fill the red and white boots so memorably worn by Lynda Carter in the 1970s? Here are a few ideas:

The poor girl deserves it. In 2007, The Australian model / actress was cast in George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE film, only to have the invisible plane pulled out from under her when that superhero epic was put into turnaround. At 35, she’s certainly older than they want to go, but the 5’10” Gale has the perfect look. (more photos)

The 26 year old brunette Brit has already proven her super-powered chops in the short lived 2007 reboot of THE BIONIC WOMAN. She’s got the perfect mixture of charm, innocence and strength that Carter did in the 70s. And she’s kind of a looker. (more photos)

This 28 year old Canuck also has some experience in the genre, having appeared in DARK ANGEL, SMALLVILLE, HEROES and even Halle Berry’s lamentable CATWOMAN film (and if that didn’t put her off costumes, nothing will!). (more photos)

The 30 year-old ex-cheerleader has a lifetime of training for the part; Not only is she descended from royalty (her great-great-grandfather was an Iranian king), but she has a brown belt in karate and had some Sapphic experience on TV. Shahi appeared in Showtime’s THE L WORD, so the transition to the all-female Paradise Island would be a piece of cake. (more photos)


Not the softest actress in the bunch, this darkly beautiful 31 year old could be a good fit for a tougher version of the Amazon princess. She was even trained in stage combat, so if this Wonder Woman uses a sword, we’re in business! (more photos)

Another DC Comics vet, this 26 year old played the magician Zatanna on SMALLVILLE, but that’s not exactly typecasting. Plus, she's still an unknown, which we always think is a plus when it comes to casting comic book characters (that important suspension of belief). 

Frankly, I’m not convinced this 30 year old Kansas gal (of NBC’s CHUCK) has the chops to take on WW, but she has to be on this list because she does bear somewhat of a resemblance to Lynda Carter. Okay, let’s move on. (more photos)


The former FIREFLY “companion” and current queen of the V’s has perhaps the most vocal proponents for the role of Diana on the web. True, the 31 year-old Brazilian beauty would bring an exotic look to the character, but, despite already having voiced a member of the Justice League (Black Canary) in the animated series, she’s just a bit too wee for the part. (more photos)

Okay, at 5’5”, she’s a bit short, but everything else is in place. The 22 year-old American actress was last seen as Alex on LOST, being shot in front of her father, Ben Linus (jerk). She’s got the right look, and already has experience being stuck on an island with a bunch of Type-A personalities (if only she’d had those bullet-deflecting bracelets). And let’s face facts, they ain’t gonna cast any actress in her 30s. (more photos)

Frankly, age isn’t as important as size. Diana needs… yes, NEEDS to be physically imposing. Given David E. Kelley’s track record with leading actresses (Calista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle), it’s up in the air as to whether the new Wonder Woman will have build of an Amazon or a pretezel stick.  While camera angles and apple boxes can help, the actress in the role should look the part off camera as well as on.

At this point, it still remains to be seen if Diana will even be in costume. It’s entirely possible the show will follow SMALLVILLE’s template and keep our heroine in plain clothes, learning to navigate her new world and put her powers to good use. But if they DO put her in costume, let’s just pray that it’s not that god-awful outfit Wonder Woman’s wearing in the comics right now…. (waitaminnit… was that costume designed for TV all along? Ooh, a conspiracy theory arises!)