The adorable cast of "Chronicle" had a few minutes to chat about superpowers, and I happily took them up on it. Check out Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan and Dane DeHaan as they talk about what attracted them to the project and what superpowers they wish they had. 

"Chronicle" is a story of three high school friends who stumble upon a radioactive hole in the ground. With this discovery comes telekinesis, the ability to fly, and much more. Initially the trio sets out pulling harmless pranks, but as their skills greaten, the pull toward the dark side becomes that much more enticing. Though, on the surface, this may seem a bit generic, "Chronicle" is anything but cookie-cutter. What this film attempts to do above all else is keep the characters firmly anchored to the ground (figuratively speaking),while portraying a narrative worthy of any classic superhero tale, and ambitiously setting to capture it in a P.O.V. style yet to be utilized in the superhero genre. In theaters February 3. 

Q: Hi guys. Congrats on the movie!

All 3: Thank you!

Q: Did you grow up watching superhero movies and what attracted each of you to this film?

MBJ: I grew up reading a lot of comic books, and watching cartoons and Marvel comics growing up. When I first read the script, I picked it up like a comic book for the very first time. I read it start to finish, and I definitely wanted to be a part of it. So it just excited me: the characters, the story and the way it was shot. It was awesome.

Dane: I grew up watching superhero movies and dressing up as superheroes all the time…

Alex: Really?

Dane: (laughs) Yeah! I had my superman pajamas…

MBJ: (laughs) The onesies!

Dane: (laughs) Yeah, but what attracted me to the story wasn’t that it was a superhero story, but that it was a human story. I think. But I got to do all these things that I always dreamed of doing as a kid. But I got to do things that I always wanted to do as an actor and as an artist. And I feel like the film really accomplishes all of that.

Q: I agree. This is the first superhero movie I’ve ever wanted to see because the relatability of the characters is so apparent, even from the trailer.

All 3: Wow, thanks! 

Q: What about you, Alex?

Alex: I have a very similar answer to Dane. I grew up loving super hero films, watching them and yeah. I guess more than anything, this was about reading the script for the first time and I had ever heard of anything quite like this before and I was just so drawn to it because it was fascinating because it was everything so surreal and epic about a superhero film but it’s still sort of grounded in reality.

Q: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

MBJ: Telekinesis! Just because it covers everything: flying, stopping bullets or whatever the case may be, you know, moving objects…

Alex: Shields…

MBJ: A barrier!

Dane: I would do time travel.

Alex: I’m a ditto on Michael B. Jordan. I would do telekinesis for sure.