This week "Cashmere Mafia" was the week of endings. Job endings, relationship endings, rear endings (ok not literally, but Davis really showed his this week with his behavior!).

Juliet (Miranda Otto) and Davis (Peter Hermann) began their not-so-civil divorce proceedings. The episode flitted between him taking everything from her and her reacting with disbelief. He expects to take all of the earnings that he brought to their marriage, along with a monthly stipend, or "manimony" as Juliet's lawyer refers to it. He then proceeds to go to the apartment while she's not home and clean out their belongings. The show actually gave us a bit of a twist this week: Juliet's secretary walks into her office and announces that Davis had had a heart attack. She of course races to the hospital to discover that Cilla Gray has already beat her there. Oh yeah, did he forget to mention? He's dating his mistress officially now. Well turns out that Davis really had a panic attack, not a heart attack, so all of the sappy things he moaned to Juliet from the hospital bed he takes right back the next day with the excuse that he was in a "vulnerable" spot so he didn't mean any of it. Juliet ends the episode with a "win" if you will, by reporting that Davis' Mazerati has been stolen. After all, it is officially registered to her!

Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) goes with Alicia to her appointment for a baby ultrasound and is amazed by the heartbeat. In the middle of the appointment, however, Alicia's ex-girlfriend, Olivia, comes into the room and announces that she is so excited about this baby that is also somehow hers. Awkward. I'm a little bit at a loss as to how she can claim motherhood for a baby that she had no part in conceiving and will have no part in delivering, but as Olivia says to Caitlin, "you have a lot to learn about lesbians" do I. I think we can all see where this sudden appearance of Olivia is headed, and in the end Alicia breaks it to Caitlin that she still has feelings for Olivia and is ready to start a family with her. Caitlin had just been shopping for the baby and decided that she had officially become a "mommy," so she is crushed. She is sad for about two minutes and then ends up eating fudge and drinking vodka with the mafia. I think she'll be able to recover from this.

Zoe (Frances O'Connor) and Clayton are supposed to team up to bring a huge new deal into the firm. Clayton lets it be known right up front that he thinks the client will relate to him better as a man, and Zoe should step back and concentrate more on being a mom. She is incensed by this and determines that she will bring this deal to the firm, not Clayton. Long, boring story later, Zoe ends up winning over the account and Clayton get the big promotion. That's just wrong, isn't it? Zoe confronts the owner of the firm during the big champagne celebration, and tells him that she is sick and tired of seeing only white men get promoted, regardless of all the time and effort she has given to them. So, she quits! After watching her fight with all her colleagues the last several weeks, it was kind of a fun relief to watch her walk out!

Mia's (Lucy Liu) morning starts with a shocker in the office: her boss throws the front page of the paper on her desk where it is announced that Jack has been named publisher of her competition. So now everywhere she turns she is seeing reminders of Jack, and she thinks that maybe the universe is trying to tell her that it's not over between them. He suddenly shows up at her apartment one night to give her back a birthday video that they had recorded and ends up staying the night...and he didn't sleep on the couch! They wake up in the morning all cuddly, and he tells her that he's ready to start over with her and things are going to be different this time. Know why they're going to be different? Because now he has a job that he believes to be equal with Mia's, and it makes him more comfortable with himself and his masculinity. Once Mia comes to this same conclusion, she gives him the engagement ring back that she's been holding on to and tells him it's over, for good this time.

Everyone's story line has ended by all appearances, so where will they go next? The writers have gone back to work this week, so maybe this is their chance to jump in and start with a clean slate! Watch next week, and we shall see.

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Story by Amber DiNenna
Starpulse contributing writer