Well, it's still not producing any earth shattering revelations, but at least this week I was able to sit through an episode of Cashmere Mafia without wanting to fall asleep or gag at the bad acting. Mia (Lucy Liu) only tried to pull off one ridiculous outfit (who knew you could wear a belt over a bed sheet and pass it off as a blouse?), and...drum roll please...NO lesbian love scenes!

Juliet's (Miranda Otto) new day starts off with Davis (Peter Hermann) showing up at the office with a brand new car he bought for her: a $200,000 Aston Martin no less. He claims it is so they can enjoy romantic getaways together. Juliet gets in and finds a traffic ticket from the Hamptons. She starts questioning him, and he claims he was there on business. Of course she has doubts. Who wouldn't after more than 10 years of living with a cheater? Every time something else fishy comes up, Davis produces a realistic explanation and you're just not sure what to believe. Well, in the end it's discovered that his Hedge fund is tanking, and he went back to his mistress for money (after he had spent most of their marital life savings). Juliet can't believe she even thought about trusting him again. In the end, she sends him packing in the new Aston Martin. She's had enough, and he'll be spending his nights in a hotel..not a foreign concept for him!

Mia's mother decides that it's time for her to date again and sets up Mia up for a date with a doctor, Jason, at the coffee shop. After arriving they both discover that being set up by their mothers is a regular occurrence for both of them, and they are only meeting to satisfy an obligation. Let me stop right here and mention that if a neurosurgeon really existed who looked like this one, SIGN ME UP! If "Cashmere Mafia" does nothing else right this entire season, they can at least say they gave us something pretty to rewind our TiVo for and stare at!

Now back to Mia. While having drinks with the girls at a bar, in walks Jack. Remember? The fiancé who left her because he couldn't handle her power? He shows up and introduces his new cable channel news anchor girlfriend, so Mia decides she's taking Jason to a party that Jack will be attending. Nothing a little jealousy won't cure! Well you know the rest, it's been done before: Jason pretends to be into Mia, and after the party he decides he really is interested and leaves her with a kiss. Jack gets jealous and thinks maybe he made a mistake and shows up at Mia's house. She tells him to stuff it. He lost his chance and that's that.

Zoe (Frances O'Connor) spends this episode fighting against that annoying little twit, Katherine, who thinks she has what it takes to do Zoe's job. She was promoted last week by Clayton, simply to avoid a lawsuit for sleeping with her, and the snowball is growing. She actually does a great job of being a brat. I found myself wanting to slap the arrogant smile off her face when she thinks she has the upper hand and then smirking when she gets caught screwing up.

Caitlin (Bonnie Somerville) is practically non-existent this week. She shows up at the beginning to tell us she has another date with Alicia, big shocker. Then towards the end we have the pleasure of going on the date with her, which is actually a gathering of Alicia's friends at a lesbian bridal shower. One of the "couples" starts talking to Caitlin about how they are planning on having two babies (so each woman has a chance to carry, can't say they're not fair!). Caitlin freaks out and excuses herself to the bathroom where, conveniently, she walks in on a guy, Sam, who is just finishing up. They flirt. He later finds her sitting at the bar and asks for her number, where she considers it for about three seconds then leaves him her business card. She later tells Zoe, "I'm the worst lesbian in the world," and we're left once again watching her decide which way she wants to bend.

Definitely not as boring as last week, but still not enough to make permanent viewers out of anyone.

Story by Amber DiNenna
Starpulse contributing writer