After unsuccessfully trying to come up with an interesting introduction for the recap of this week's episode of "Cashmere Mafia," I am officially going to give up. I am going to apologize, on behalf of this show, for the lack of interesting content. However, they did successfully manage to incorporate the weekly lesbian make-out scene. Bravo on consistency.

Juliet (Miranda Otto) spent the first half of the show wavering over whether or not to give in to her temptation named Bobby Walsh. She felt the need to get back at her husband and follow through with her threat of taking a lover. Meanwhile, her husband kept making attempts to lure her into forgiving him, with offers of a relaxing get away and romantic dinners. Bobby ended up flying into New York just to see her, and she agreed to meet him the next night at her hotel. However, she chose to spend a family night at a play instead and called Bobby and told him that he was just a fantasy. She was choosing to work on her family instead. He simply agreed, and they hung up. However, the next night she discovered her husband had taken his mistress to the very place he wanted her to go, so she ran to Bobby's hotel and jumped into bed with him.

But wait, there's another exciting plot twist (I'm being facetious, in case you can't tell): after getting halfway undressed she tells him that she can't be like Davis and can't go through with the affair. She actually feels relieved with her decision, and in the end tells Davis that they are finally even, leaving him with a look of unbelief and shock.

Zoe (Frances O'Connor) has to spend a night in Boston on a business trip, and at the last minute discovers that her "busty" and gorgeous junior analyst, Catherine, has been asked to come along by her male co-worker. Catherine makes a mistake during the business meeting, and Zoe discovers that there will be no repercussions because Catherine and her co-worker (married) are sleeping together. Catherine threatens a lawsuit, and Zoe's co-worker promotes her to Associate, rather than deal with the lawsuit. Yes, that's actually it...nothing else interesting for Zoe this week.

Caitlin's (Bonnie Sommerville) life this week was just as boring. The big zit on her forehead was the first issue. I was glad they addressed it because I couldn't believe that Hollywood would allow such a natural blemish! She hasn't talked to her girlfriend in four days, so she tries to decide whether she should call or wait for Alicia to call her. She decides to call Alicia, and they agree to meet for drinks. They meet on the sidewalk, Caitlin tells her that she's been busy, and she explains that this is just how she is. They have a make-out session, and that's it. Again, nothing interesting.

Last, and quite possibly least, is Mia (Lucy Liu). The editor of a magazine brings her the cover for the new magazine, and it shows a man lying on a plate with the headline "Corporate Women Eating Men for Breakfast." She, of course, takes offense to this and raves about how men should just accept that women are powerful, and they should adjust to the fact that they might have to work for a woman boss. She also finds out that this was the last cover that Jack (ex fiancé) approved before he left, so she feels that he has the last word. That is not allowed. She ends up writing a "Note From the Publisher," secretly addressing her issues with Jack. Mia realizes that this is the only way that she'll be able to communicate with him. Oh, and she also hadn't shared the news of the break up with her Mom, so the episode ends with her finally sharing that little bit of information.

At least last week I had things to disagree with, get annoyed by, and complain about. This episode was so empty that I have nothing! Maybe the fact that Caitlin sported a teased and hair sprayed 80's style was annoying, but it's nothing worth getting worked up over. I just continue to be amazed by the bad supporting actors (seriously, am I watching audition tapes??), and I will keep watching every week anxiously awaiting the point to all the "boringness."

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Recap by Amber DiNenna
Starpulse contributing writer