I won’t say that I liked this week’s episode of “Cashmere Mafia,” but I give them kudos for trying to add some human elements to the show. Sweet revenge, employee triumph, and dogs - three things that most anybody can relate to.

I think this was finally the end for handsome neurosurgeon guy. It started off promising with him and Mia having a romantic morning jog in the city and them agreeing to meet after his shift at midnight for a rendezvous. He shows up after his long day, finds Mia dressed in skimpy lingerie, and tosses her down on the couch. Right about now we’re all thinking “I wish I was Mia.”

Alas, the handsome doctor has worked too hard during the day and after making it down to her belly button proceeds to fall asleep! Not just any sleep, but a deep slumber that has him snoring loud enough for the neighbors to hear. Oh well, he was good while he lasted. She decides it’s too hard for them trying to make time for each other all the time, and she wants someone who she shares a real spark with. “I think this is good-night, Jason,” and Mia leaves him on the sidewalk.

Let’s back up to the other half of Mia’s storyline tonight, which was actually interesting, probably because I am a natural dog lover. A stray is brought into the office, and Mia agrees to foster him. He’s an adorable black dog that, unfortunately, doesn’t do much except lie on the floor like a lump all day and night. She does discover finally that he likes shoes - my kind of dog! Of course it’s the chewing of the shoe that he enjoys, but at least he has taste. The shelter decides that she’s not fit to be a “dog companion,” but she insists that she is. How can she just give up on this instantaneous, deep connection with this dog (melodramatics are hers, not mine)? So she makes an emotional speech at the end of the show and gets to take Wylie (the dog) home. They actually gave Mia some humanity!

I know I’ve whined about this before, but Juliet is just plain boring. There’s nothing relatable about her. She speaks in monotone one-syllable phrases, always has the same expression, and if her hair was pulled back any tighter she would look like she was standing in a wind tunnel!

Enough Juliet bashing though, let’s move onto her story line this week. This won’t take long: a billionaire is trying to take over her hotel so he tries to woo Juliet with dates and gifts. She doesn’t buy it and tells him that neither she nor her hotel is for sale. In between this wooing she is dealing with the owner of another hotel they’re building, Gerard (who could be our next handsome neurosurgeon by the way, with an adorable French accent). He cannot agree on an architect for the building so Juliet brings in Eric, Zoe’s husband, and Gerard gives him the job. That’s it. I warned you it was boring, didn’t I?

Zoe’s interest level isn’t much above Juliet’s this week. She has the edge of actually acting like a normal being, however. Remember last week she quit her job, so this week she is spending her time taking over her children’s lives. She completes her daughter’s science fair project, she takes over the dinner menu planning from the “manny” and she instructs her son on the correct way to control a soccer ball. In the meantime, she is getting calls from Clayton (her former co-worker that took all the credit for her work and prompted her to quit her job), asking for her advice on the current job that is going south fast. Can you believe his nerve? Neither can Zoe. She tells him to take a hike and hangs up on him. After which he hunts her down in the park, where she is playing soccer with her son, and after insulting her and turning his back to walk away, Zoe kicks the soccer ball into the back of his head. I did have to chuckle at that one as it’s totally something we would all love the opportunity to do!

Last, but not least, we have Caitlin. Now that she’s broken up with her girlfriend, I guess they couldn’t come up with anything else interesting for her right now. This episode centers on her job and maybe the lack thereof if she doesn’t step up and save the day. She works for a cosmetics company, as you’ll remember, and for some reason they have been shut out of fashion week. I know, the injustice in this world. She takes it upon herself to pay a daily fee of $75k to rent runway space for the day but has no one to design and sew the clothes for her models. Her last hope is the star student at a design academy, a 22-year-old kid who insists that he will have it all done by Friday.

Friday comes and he shows up with a jacket missing an arm, a dress with the beadwork still needing to be done, and the big ta-da: a pair of shorts! Caitlin of course freaks out and yells at him, and because he can’t work under pressure he walks out. The suspense was building: would Caitlin fail and lose her job? Would she find a way out of this mess? She ends up coming through by being creative and sending her models out in what looked like tan bathing suits but with elaborate make up designs on their faces. The announcer gave a speech about how it doesn’t matter what you are wearing, as long as you use their make-up brand. Her boss gave Caitlin a smile across the walkway letting her know that she’s been successful. It looks like she’ll be employed for a while.

As you can read, most story lines were boring this week. But as I mentioned before, at least they tried to give us something to relate to. And being a dog lover, Wylie helped distract me while I “ooh’d and aah’d” over how cute he was. Maybe they should look into a mascot. Either that or give us more of Gerard; he’s easy to look at and his accent just makes you want to pinch his cheeks!

Story by Amber DiNenna
Starpulse contributing writer