"True Blood" doesn't return until sometime this summer but natural blonde Carrie Preston, who plays spunky redheaded waitress Arlene, revealed some tidbits about season two (more creatures - yeah!) and what other projects she's currently working on.

Starpulse: 'True Blood' is a little more graphic than I thought it was going to be.

Carrie Preston: Uh, yes, soft porn. It's good though, that's part of why people like it. It's surprising that way.

What can you tell me about your character Arlene in the new season?

Arlene is one of those people who is not very good without a man. She's definitely on the lookout.

Is something going on with her & Terry (played by Todd Lowe)?

Um, let's just say Terry is definitely interested.

What are some of the things you'd like to happen with Arlene in the new season?

Well, I'd like to see her find love, of course.

More functional, not dysfunctional love.

Exactly, a functional love. I'd like to see Arlene get more involved in the supernatural side of things. I don't know if that's either against the vampires or maybe she joins them or maybe she accepts the vampires. That would be fun to see her mixed up in that. There's going to be a lot more supernatural stuff going on this season from what we've been told. There are more creatures that we're going to get to know.

Arlene plans her wedding

What's it like playing a redhead? Do you dye your hair or wear a wig?

I wear a wig. Obviously because of the books we had to stick with it...everytime they talk about it they talk about her red hair. They presented to me the option of dying my hair, but then I would have had to have extensions because we wanted the hair to be long. I did anyway. I didn't want to do that to my own hair, and I like being a blonde. And they found this fantastic wig with real hair, and we were lucky it just fit well and so that's the one we stuck with. They didn't even build me a new one because this one fit so well. I liked it, and it was working. They gave it a little haircut this season, so she's sporting a little cuter style.

Well you look completely different than Arlene does.

I definitely do, and no one knows that I'm on the show. Yesterday I went to the set because we had a read through of the next script, and still to this day even though we are up to the 16th episode we're getting ready to shoot including the first season, and still people don't know who I am. People I work with! It still takes them a few beats, they'll look at me, 'Hello, what's your name?' I'm like, 'It's Carrie, guys,' and 'Oh, I forgot, I forgot you're blonde' it's very funny.

Lafayette, is he really dead?

Well, I don't know if I can really tell you that. But I know he was a beloved character from the first season.

What about MaryAnn? She's very mysterious. Can you tell us anything about her?

We're going to learn a lot more about her coming in the next season. She's definitely a lot more than what she seems.

You and your husband (Lost star Michael Emerson) both star in supernatural-themed shows.

I know, isn't that interesting.

Do you believe in ghosts or ESP or a sixth sense or any of that kind of pheonomenon?

I do, and I also love those kinds of shows. My all-time favorite show was X-Files. I love any kind of show that has an other worldliness or its elevated or deals with the unseen. I just like to be transported to a different place. Sure, I think that there are spirits among us. I believe in maybe people doing things from the beyond. I definitely have a belief in the other worldliness of life.

Is there any chance your husband could make a cameo on "True Blood" - he would make a great vampire.

Wouldn't he? I know. Alan Ball is a huge fan of Michael's, and he told me as much. I met Alan Ball when I was in his movie "Towelhead." One day we were just standing on the set and I said something about my husband on "Lost" and he said, 'Your husband's on 'Lost?' I'm a huge fan of 'Lost!' At the time (Michael) played the character Henry Gale, and I said 'He plays Henry Gale' and he screamed, 'Your husband is Henry Gale!' He was so excited. So when we started the season of 'True Blood' somewhere along the way Michael came to the set, and (Ball) said 'We have to find something for you on 'True Blood'' so who knows!

I did a cameo on Michael's show. I played Michael's mother when the did the flashback.

Was that the birthing scene?

Mm-hmmm. I gave birth to my husband.

You have a new DVD release, "Ready OK!"

CP: This is one I executive produced with my production company Daisy 3 Pictures. This is our third project, we did a feature and a short before that. It's a feature written and directed by James Vasquez. James and I went to Juliard together, and we started making films together about five years ago. He wrote this for me; I play the lead, and for Michael there's a supporting part and for my brother John Preston he plays my brother. It's very much a family affair and very much a family film. It's about a little boy who wants to be a cheerleader, and it's really about the people around him, especially his mother, who are dealing with the fact that he likes dresses and dolls, and he's not like the other kids. It's a really sweet, subtle, poignant comedy. We've played about 35 festivals, and we got acquired by a distribution company and we're coming out on DVD on March 24.

How was it working with your husband and your brother?

It was amazing because the history is there, you don't have to build a history of an actor you never met, especially with my brother - we're playing siblings in the movie. It was really great to walk on set with all that already there. Because I was producing as well I was very busy. I would be making calls and getting the catering there before shooting, so I was switching hats really fast. To have my husband standing there looking in my eyes saying those words to me was just an easy way to let myself go and get in the scene. It was a nice crutch. I think you can tell on the screen. I think it comes across.

What other projects do you have coming up?

I am in two movies that premire on the exact same day - March 16. One of them is Duplicity with Julia Roberts and Clive Owen. That is premiering in New York. And another one is an independent film I did with Hal Holbrook called "That Evening Sun" and it's premiering at South by Southwest Film Festival on the exact same day. I have totally different types of parts in each one, both of which I'm excited about. I haven't seen either one but I'm in the trailer for both, which is very funny, and they're both completely different movies. Obviously one is a big Hollywood movie, and the other is a super quiet indie.

Story by Noelle Talmon
Starpulse.com contributing writer