Russel T. Davies recently revealed in an interview that Steven Moffat, the current “Doctor Who" showrunner, would like nothing more than to bring back everyone's favorite omnisexual immortal, Captain Jack Harkness: “Well, Steven said he'd love to see Jack in Doctor Who. So if Steven says that, Steven will make it happen, I would think. That's not inside information, but I bet one day it will happen. I'd love to see it. It would be marvellous."

What does this mean for “Doctor Who,” or “Torchwood” for that matter, the spinoff series that Jack has helmed for over two seasons? It means that we haven’t seen the last of our good captain. Despite worries that John Barrowman would be written out of the show (following the gut-wrenching finale of the "Children of Earth" miniseries), it has been confirmed that he and “Torchwood” will be back for another season soon, but there had been no word about possible guest spots on “Doctor Who" until now. It seems that Captain Jack Harkness is still well-loved, and the writers of both shows are far from forgetting that.

Moffat’s desire to continue the character’s story within the “Doctor Who” franchise might mark the beginning of a new element in the show’s dynamics--while the Doctor has always had companions to take on his adventures, he has never had a constant friend who enters and exits his life the same way he does to everyone else.

With the reveal at the end of season three, suggesting that Jack might become the Face of Boe in his extreme old age, there is a brand new opportunity. Jack Harkness has the potential to become a man who can know the Doctor at any point in the Time Lord’s life. One would think a character like that would be an obvious candidate for permanent tenure when the main character of a series is a time traveler, but other than the occasional guest spot by former companions and the neverending feud between the Doctor and his "best enemy" the Master, there are no constants in the Doctor's life. Besides the TARDIS, that is.

Wouldn't it be interesting if that were no longer the case?

Jack's return is a fascinating possibility, and with this news from Davies it seems there is a chance that Steven Moffat might be thinking the same thing. One can only hope the show will continue to use Jack for years and years to come; the continuity of such a character has the ability to lend a weight to the decades-old show that other science fiction mythologies can only dream of. Long live Captain Jack.

Whether he wants to or not.