Candice Glover, the 24-year old victor of the 12th season of American Idol, sports nothing short of a fantastic instrument.  Vocally, Glover smothered the competition on the show’s least popular season.  What makes me sad about Glover’s feat to become the first woman to win the show since Jordin Sparks in 2007 (and only the fourth African-American victor) is abysmal timing – UGH! The pieces just haven’t fallen in place the way that they should have for such a talented musician as Glover.  Still, when you’ve “got it” like Candice does, you get the sense she’ll work her hardest through adversity to achieve success.  Underrated single “Cried” is a brilliant first step to achieving that success.  The question now is how does Glover capitalize on it?

“Cried” doesn’t scream commercial hit, but not because of a lack of quality.  As an R&B single and in regards to Glover’s musical niche, “Cried” suits her absolutely perfect.  Glover is a big-voiced adult contemporary R&B singer and she shouldn’t been made to eschew such.  That doesn’t mean that Glover can’t be stretch or show versatility – she can and did on Idol – but she also shouldn’t be forced to be something she isn’t. Too often it seems that record executives and producers have a niche in mind for newly signed artists that just doesn’t match their musical sensibilities or strengths.  From an artistic standpoint, “Cried” is Glover’s tour de force.  Her voice needs to always shine and not be subdued in favor of ‘trends’ or gimmicks.

Commercially though, “Cried” likely will be limited to an urban audience, who may or may not be an acquaintance of Glover…yet.  So the point of this is that Glover’s team needs to really promote her as the next force in R&B music and truly build her fan base.  Sure, millions of people voted for her over the course of a season on American Idol, but with such quality work as “Cried”, it would be a shame if a base supporting the ‘artist’ that is Glover doesn’t come along for what should be a tremendous ride.  The goal should be to break Candice Glover through, not leave her hanging.  She’s too talented, further evidenced by her moving, emotional performance on “Cried”.