In light of the newest bromantic comedy I Love You, Man opening today, we decided to share some of our favorite bromances. Forget romance, bromance is in the air this spring!

Chandler and Joey (Friends)

Although Friends revolved around the escapades of a group of six best friends, Chandler and Joey's friendship was a bit more special. Being roommates, they shared a lot together. The pair watched Baywatch, played foosball and even invented a new game called Fireball. In addition, they go on several man-dates to see the Knicks and aren't ashamed to hug each other whilst hopping.

Besides the average guy things, Chandler and Joey also parented a chick and a duck. When they first get the chick, they argue like a mother and father would about who is taking care of the chick more.

Not only do Joey and Chandler have fun together, but they also have an emotional connection and bond. They talk about their problems, give each other advice, and look out for each other. When Joey gets Chandler a bracelet that he ends up hating, Chandler wears it anyway so that he doesn't hurt Joey's feelings. Furthermore, one New Years Eve when Chandler complains that he has no one to kiss at midnight, Joey gives him a smooch to shut him up. When Joey moves out to be on his own, neither of the two know what to do without each other. Could they be anymore bromantic?

Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc played Chandler & Joey on Friends:

Frodo and Sam (Lord of the Rings trilogy)

Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee have withstood a lot together throughout their journey to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring. They faced orcs, a cave troll, a giant spider named Shelob, and Gollum's trickery, to name a few. These two hobbits couldn't have survived without the other.

The farther along in their journey they get, the more sleep-deprived and teary-eyed Frodo and Sam get. Their friendship withstands Gollum's ability to turn Frodo against Sam. It proves that nothing and no one can get in the way of their friendship.

Sam saves Frodo from Shelob, orcs, a Ringwraith, and from slipping off the edge of a cliff into the lava of Mount Doom. From Fellowship of the Ring to Return of the King, Sam is Frodo's savior. Nothing stops him from protecting his beloved big-footed friend. When he thinks Frodo was killed by Shelob, he cries over what he thinks is Frodo's corpse and says, "Don't go where I can't follow." A simultaneous "aww" seems to be in order.

What may be the most epic part of the trilogy is when Frodo and Sam are on the slopes of Mount Doom. Sam is cradling an exhausted and delusional Frodo in his arms. After some conversation, Samwise The Brave (a nickname issued by Frodo, of course) shouts, "Then let us be rid of it, once and for all! Come on, Mr. Frodo! I can't carry it for you, but I can carry you!" Sam then throws Frodo over his shoulder and carries him up and into the heart of Mount Doom. Of course, one the ring is destroyed and the two are sitting on a rock outside of Mount Doom, Frodo puts his forehead to Sam's and says "I'm glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee. Here at the end of all things." Now that's bromance!

J.D. and Turk (Scrubs)

J.D. and Turk share a unique bond that only two people who have known each other and been around each other long enough can have. They have a special night called Steak Night where they go out to dinner together and have steak. They have pet names for each other (Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear) and even finish each others sentences. Yes, their relationship is the bromance of all the bromances.

When Turk's girlfriend, Carla, kicks Turk out of his bed, Turk heads over to J.D.'s bed. They start talking to each other like teenage girls at a slumber party-laying on their stomachs, chins rested in their palms, feet pointed up and all. In addition, they have matching decoder rings found in a "double prizer" box of Trix and matching bracelets with the other's name on them.

Although J.D. and Turk get along most of the time, occasionally they argue. For instance, in one episode, J.D. feels that Turk fights his battles for him. J.D. doesn't like that and decides to say something to Turk. They end up arguing over how to raise children with Turk deciding that J.D. would take care of all the emotional problems and Turk would be the manly role model for their kids. "Our kids." J.D. replies with a chuckle, "Turk, we're not married." Turk responds with, "Dude, we're a little married." "I know…I love it." J.D. says in that dreamy J.D. way.

Scrubs: J.D. & Turk

The more recent example of J.D. and Turk's bromance is their song "Guy Love" in the musical episode that aired in February. With lyrics such as "Guy Love, he's mine, I'm his. There's nothing gay about in our eyes", one can't help but feel the bromance. Scrubs fans have no doubt that J.D. and Turk are "closer than the average man and wife."

Story by Sara Martone

Starpulse contributing writer