Actress Cameron Diaz had a very deep discussion about her lady parts on Chelsea Handler's show Monday night while promoting her new tome, "The Body Book."

The actress shares her fascination with how the human body works in the new book, which she says is why she wrote it.

"It's a science book, basically. I'm a science nerd. I just like science. I like to know why things work the way they do," she told Handler. "I thought that the body was probably the most important thing to understand how it works since we all have one, and we don't really know that much about it."

She also got very candid about female genitalia.

"We think the vagina is on the outside, and the vagina is on the inside... so I say grab a mirror and play along. Get in there, learn about it." the 41-year-old star explained. "You're supposed to treat it like the beautiful flower that is, the delicate flower that it is. And you're supposed to nurture it in all the ways that it needs nurturing. Watering it. Fertilizing it. It needs nourishment. It's hunger-ry."

Diaz also said that keeping it clean is integral, setting one up for Handler.

"Anybody who doesn't know how to keep it clean, don't expect it to get fertilized..." she added.

Cameron also added her thoughts about the recent trend of pubic hair removal, urging young women not to take it all off permanently with a laser, becasue they'll regret it.

"Because it's a science book, and since we used to be covered in hair, and now we're not except for a few places, I figure there's a purpose for that hair," she explained. "So I put some of the purposes for it [in the book] and I also suggest that no mater how you enjoy grooming it throughout your life -- whether it's shave it all off, wax it all off, put a bulls eye, birthday cake, I don't care -- just, girls, think about not taking it all off forever.

"Permanency means forever. It doesn't come back. You might change your mind in a few years."