After seven seasons and more than 100 episodes, Burn Notice is finally drawing to a close. It's not only a sad event but an incredibly difficult moment. How do you send off a long-running show with a passionate fan base? By checking off every single box on its proverbial list, from big explosions to one really sad death.

"Reckoning" picks up immediately where "Sea Change" left off, and we discover that a shell-shocked Michael made the decision to shoot Sonya (recurring guest star Alona Tal) rather than Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar). This makes a watching Kendrick (John Pyper-Ferguson) turn on him immediately, and Michael and Fiona are besieged by a lot of people who want to shoot them, before Sam and Jesse ride to the rescue. Afterward, Michael thinks everyone else should get out of Dodge, but Sam tells him that they're not going anywhere. Instead, they're getting ready for one last stand.

While Fiona hotwires a car at a local gas station, Sam and Jesse stock up on supplies (including prepaid cell phones and beer) and find themselves facing the business end of a shotgun because their faces have already made the national news. Michael's solution to this problem is to ram the newly stolen car into the building, which gets him hurt but does the job. He then calls his old handler Strong (recurring guest star Jack Coleman), but Strong isn't happy to hear from him since Michael failed his mission to bring Kendrick in. There's the obligatory threat before the call ends ominously.

As the national news (and look, it's series creator Matt Nix as a reporter!) continues to plaster their faces all over the place, the decision is made to bring Kendrick down on their own terms. After Michael breaks the news to his very worried mother, he asks Jesse to look out for her and his brother's son Charlie, before setting his sights on a communications expert named Max Lister (Alan Ruck), who set up Kendrick's network. Lister's armored car stands up to Sam's attempts to immobilize it, so Michael is crazy enough to jump onto the hood of the moving vehicle just to place a small brick of C4. After his car flips, a terrified Lister spills the beans about a building downtown that serves as Kendrick's comm center. Just before they decide to break into the building, Sam and Fiona confront Michael about having a "death wish," but he brushes their concern off.

Back at the safe house, Jesse is left to try and reassure Madeline, who's used to her son getting into all sorts of trouble by now. She asks him if he's ever wanted to bail on everything, and he replies by saying that "Until I met you guys, I never had a family. And now I've got one." It's a sweet moment between two characters who've formed an unlikely bond over the past few seasons.

Yet that's not going to last. Once James discovers Team Westen sneaking into his building, he calls Michael and informs him that he and his people are right outside the control room - plus, he traced the other two prepaid phones to the safe house, and sent some thugs over there, too. He wants Michael dead and he's willing to go through everyone else, including Maddie and Charlie, to make him that way.