Since it's the final season of Burn Notice, it's time to pull out all the stops (or all the skeletons in the closet). This week's episode sees the return of "Crazy Larry" Sizemore, perfectly played by Tim Matheson. What does he have to do with anything? A lot, as it turns out, even though he's dead.

Having convinced Sonya (Alona Tal) he's in for good - by sleeping with her - Michael has a lot of thinking to do. He's asked Fiona for an "urgent" meeting so that he can tell her that he's gotten into bed with the enemy. Understandably, this doesn't go over well with her, either from a personal or professional standpoint, and she leaves just as quickly as she arrived. This leaves Michael preparing for his "job interview" with Sonya's bosses. As if on cue, his psuedo-girlfriend walks in all smiles - just before she tazes him. Clearly, she's not that enamored with him either.

Michael (who knew his middle name was Alan, by the way?) is then greeted by Sonya's boss (John Pyper-Ferguson, looking a lot like Billy Campbell in The 4400), who proceeds to interrogate him about his entire life, subject him to disorientation techniques, interrogate him some more, and disorient him again.

Back in Miami, Jesse pays a visit to Madeline and Charlie, but it's not a social call.  He's looking for Michael. Jesse's terrible poker face doesn't do him any favors, and Jesse is forced to admit to Maddie that Michael's been missing for days. Elsewhere, Sam and Fiona are watching Sonya and a friend of hers ransack Michael's loft. Everything adds up to something bad happening. Fiona convinces Sam that the best next move is to tail Sonya.

The Boss decides that he's not satisfied with what Michael's told him so far, and decides that the next phase of the inquisition should involve drugs. Michael's wide-eyed, defeated expression pretty much says all the audience needs to know before he starts hallucinating Fiona. He tearfully tells her "I can't do this anymore," but fake-Fiona reminds him "Yours isn't the only life on the line." Furthermore, she tells him that he doesn't need her. Michael disagrees.

The next time he's talking to The Boss, he's pretty much a wreck. The Boss wants to know how he suddenly "evolved" into the Michael Westen we know and love today. Michael's hallucinations promptly put him in the middle of a forest, where he's chatting with Crazy Larry, who wants to take all the credit. It's Tim Matheson at his smarmy best. "You are who I made you, and that's all I ever wanted, Michael. For you to accept who you are," Larry tells Michael, who eventually spits out his name to The Boss, albeit while calling him "a special kind of monster."