When Jesse gets to Maddie's house, he realizes the cop in the squad car outside is dead. It's Agent Porter to the rescue! He does his best to clear the first floor, but forgets to keep checking behind him (really?) and gets a huge rifle aimed at him. Jesse's about to be ended when Maddie saves him with a shotgun blast from upstairs. "You let him count all the way down to one, seriously?" he remarks. "The longer he talked, the better my chance of shooting the right guy," she retorts. The crazy guy ends up bound and gagged on her living room floor.

Bly visits Fiona again, this time with photos of the jackknifed truck from earlier and a fake autopsy report. He tries to tell her that it blew up and Michael died behind the wheel. Though the report is fairly specific, I'm surprised that Fiona believes it, given how easy it is to falsify documents and photos these days. Were I in her position, I would have questioned the veracity of the report and asked for some sort of physical evidence, not because I'd expect there to be any, but just to see what Bly said. Oh, well.

The very much not dead Michael talks to the security guards and convinces them to help, drawing the remaining security forces away from their position and getting one of them to lead him to the plant manager's office so they can trigger an evacuation and flush Anson out. As that's going on, Pearce arrives with some of her people.  Anson makes another creepy phone call, which only convinces Michael that he's still in the building. Surely, a knock-down, drag-out showdown is imminent?

Once Michael, Sam and Pearce think they've found Anson, Sam tries to convince Michael not to go after him alone, and gets a gun in the face. Thankfully, Pearce is behind Michael with a gun pointed at him. She tells Michael that he gets to man the surveillance cameras while she and Sam deal with Anson, whether he likes it or not. Yet when they (and the CIA minions) arrive at the room where Anson is supposed to be, Michael realizes they've been duped. In his "hyper-aware," overstressed state, he sees an outside fence move, and guesses that Anson is outside moving it. Indeed, he is - and Michael wastes no time trying to kill him. The fight is short-lived, however, because Anson has a dead man switch that will blow up the chemical plant with Sam and Pearce inside. Michael is forced to let him go, and warns his friends to evacuate.

While Pearce and her team high-tail it out, Sam stays behind to try and free a poor lab guy who's handcuffed inside the room. In true Burn Notice fashion, the place goes sky-high just as Pearce walks out, leaving Sam's fate unknown for a few moments. But relax, he's fine: he and the scientist are just a few heartbeats behind. You didn't think they were going to write Bruce Campbell out of the show, did you? (And that's probably what makes this particular scene not so dramatic for me.) With his friends safe, Michael tries to pursue Anson but is left watching him speed away in his boat for parts unknown.

In the aftermath, Pearce tells Michael that the CIA is willing to go after Anson, but that they can't prove he did enough to get Fiona off the hook. "What if I caught him? Would that be enough?" he asks, and she admits that it's a start. Michael and Sam apologize to one another and head off to continue chasing Anson. Meanwhile, back in the federal facility, Fiona reviews the photos given to her by Bly one more time, and points out to him that they don't match up with the scenario he told her. She knows Michael's alive. Now, why did it take her two looks to figure that out? Or was she just messing with Bly for whatever reason? Either way, she's not buying it anymore and sits back to await whatever comes next, as do we.

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