Things still aren't going very well for Michael Westen on Burn Notice. Realizing that his old life is very much in the past, Michael burns a photo of Fiona just as he realizes that he's made the news. But there's no time for him to dwell on either issue. Burke (Adrian Pasdar) tells Michael that his next assignment is to steal a truck, and when his original choice for help gets on his bad side, Burke decides that he wants to call in Michael's "guys in Miami."

It's an unexpected development that doesn't please Michael's handler Strong (Jack Coleman), but Michael eventually persuades him that Sam and Jesse are the right men for the job. Strong also informs Michael that Burke is then going to sell said truck to another unsavory type named Serrano (that's Ricardo Chavira from Desperate Housewives), so now they've got to bring down not one but two terrorists. Sounds like any other Thursday for Team Westen.

While that sinks in, back in Miami, Madeline is approached by Al Sapienza, and not the fantastic actor. This Al Sapienza (played by Paul Hipp) is Nate's bookie, and he wants to collect on an outstanding debt, even if it means threatening Nate's son Charlie. This leads Maddie to phone Fiona, who insists that where there's one shark from the past, there will be others. She declares that "someone's going to get hurt, and it won't be Charlie."

From the moment Sam and Jesse arrive in the Dominican Republic, there are problems. They're forced to blow up the plane they arrived in to keep the police from immediately arresting them. Once that's behind them, Burke takes the crew to where the truck he wants is located, and is pleased with their plan. Sam and Jesse aren't pleased at Burke's order for Sam to shoot Michael should he fail, but they shut up about that when Michael finally reveals the terms of his CIA deal to them afterward: either he takes down Burke, or they all go back to that CIA holding facility they spent some time in last season.

Sam reluctantly keeps Michael in his crosshairs as Michael steals the truck, and is clearly unsettled by having to shoot another man in the back to save his best friend's life. Strong really doesn't care how anyone feels. He plans to take Burke and Serrano out, then ship Sam and Jesse back to Miami. Sam replies that they're staying, whether Strong likes it or not.

Fiona has Maddie set up a second meeting with Al so that they can slip him a tracking device. This leads them to his place of operations, and Maddie volunteers to help Fiona set up her explosives, because she's awesome like that. Fiona even lets her push the big red button that detonates them.