Burn Notice is back for the final time, and returns with a season premiere that while not the most exciting episode on its own, certainly generates plenty of excitement for what should be an ambitious swan song.

After making his mysterious deal with the CIA at the end of season six, Michael Westen is now operating solo in the Dominican Republic, and looking a lot worse for wear. He's drinking, has grown an unflattering beard, and is brawling in an underground fight club. His bad luck's been around for awhile: nine months earlier, we see why Michael made that deal in the first place, as a suit (that's Jack Coleman from Castle) tells Michael that every intelligence organization hates him and his friends. The suit says there's a terrorist leader based in the Dominican, and Michael's their new man on the inside, since he used to work with the bad guy, whose name is Randall Burke. Adrian Pasdar has gone from playing the President of the United States on Political Animals to a terrorist on Burn Notice. Does that qualify as a downgrade?

Michael then tells us via voice-over how difficult deep cover work is, just before he comes face-to-face with Burke for the first time in about a decade. His "old friend" is skeptical about Michael's competency, and elects to break into his apartment later that night. He then tells Michael he's offering him a "new life" with "no second chances."

Back in Miami, life has moved on for the rest of the team. Sam is hanging out by the pool, only to have his quiet evening interrupted by a French intelligence operative asking about his old partner-in-crime. He says his agency has been working in the Dominican Republic, they've spotted Michael, and they want to know what he's doing there. Sam realizes quickly that this guy is not French intelligence, which is confirmed when the visitor pulls a knife on him just before leaving.

This sends Sam running right to Jesse, who's having a bad day even before Sam breaks the news. The same guy paid a visit to Jesse with a different cover ID, leading Sam to declare that "It's time to circle the wagons." That means calling Fiona, who's working with a new guy that she's also making out with. "If I'd known this was about Michael, I wouldn't have come," she declares when she meets the guys at Carlito's. Obviously Michael's departure put their relationship very, very much on ice. Sam and Jesse agree to go it alone, but convince her to keep an eye on Madeline (and her grandson Charlie) while they do.

Their first stop is what they believe to be the residence of their mystery man, which they decide to invite themselves into. Unfortunately, there's a Claymore mine on the other side of the door, and Sam trying to open the door activates the device. He narrowly escapes being blown up. As if that's not bad enough, the bastard they're looking for is now posing as the supervisor meeting with Madeline when she goes to pursue custody of her grandson. When he puts the squeeze on her, she says too much, including revealing that Michael made a deal with the CIA. By the time Sam, Jesse and Fiona figure this out, it's too late: the mystery man is gone, and much more well-informed.

Burke puts Michael to the test by sending him with one of his men to plant charges inside a target building, although he's tight-lipped as to why it needs to explode. The two don't play well together, although they manage to get the job done (barely). As they head for the rendezvous point, Michael begins to suspect that his cover has been blown, and he confirms it when his new partner pulls a gun on him. The two end up blowing through a security checkpoint and rolling their car in the resulting shootout. Michael is the sole survivor of the crash, and takes the opportunity to escape. He keeps the meeting with Burke and sells him a different story, but doesn't get any more information on what the other man is planning.