Burn Notice has become sort of a workhorse for USA: it's been around awhile, it's proven that it's a good show, and so it just quietly continues to be good without much fanfare. (There wasn't nearly as much attention paid to its season premiere this year as there usually is.)

"In prison, there's no such thing as good attention," Michael tells us. Word. Seems that Fiona got into a little trouble for smashing Taryn Manning in the face last week. She's also got a visitor request from Michael for a few days from now, which only increases her determination to find out who's trying to have her killed.

In the outside world, Michael and Jesse are meeting Pearce (Lauren Stamile), who's genuinely shaken up. It might be because she's gotten a voicemail from Anson. He's sent her the identity of the man who murdered her fiancee as an "olive branch." Needless to say, rather than call the psychopath back, she decided it was wiser to take the information to Michael. This villain of the week, Ahmed, is played by actor Faran Tahir, who previously kidnapped Tony Stark in ​Iron Man​. Ahmed is "living the high life on the Agency's dime," as Jesse puts it, and Pearce understandably wants to take him out.

Michael would like to help her do that without destroying her career. Once he gets a hold of the drive containing all the intelligence Ahmed is giving to the CIA, the CIA will no longer care about Ahmed and then they can deal with him accordingly. Unfortunately, with the team short-handed, their help on this comes from...Michael's brother Nate (Seth Peterson) and Madeline. The latter doesn't like the idea of flying to Bermuda with a fake ID, but agrees to do it when Pearce explains the reason for the trip.

While she, Nate and Sam keep their eyes on Ahmed's son, it's up to Michael, Jesse and Pearce to get onto Ahmed's cruise and convince him he's in an episode of ​House​. In the boat's casino, Jesse causes a distraction while Pearce poisons Ahmed's drink, and they wait for him to hit the floor, which he does pretty quickly. While this means Jesse has to fake going down for the count himself, Michael manages to convince Ahmed he's got a nasty infection and that his son might have it too.

This gets Sam, Nate and Maddie into Ahmed's giant house. While Maddie pretends to see if Ahmed's son has the same fake viral infection and convinces him he needs to wear a heart monitor/tracker at all times, while Sam and Nate poke around the rest of the house in the name of seeing where the outbreak may have started. Unfortunately, Nate nearly gets caught bugging the phone. It's Sam to his rescue, even if it means his unhappy face.