Put on your dancin’ shoes! Michelle, Fanny, and the Bunheads are back for part two of season 1. And things have not gone well for anyone since the ending of part one.

There is no easy comeback after accidentally macing the entire Nutcracker cast. Despite the girls’ loyalty, the student’s parents have basically run Michelle out of town. But no one seems happy with the way things have turned out.

Ginny is running her mother’s real estate business, since her mother did not handle well her father’s sudden wedding announcement to his new fiance. Boo’s mother is once again pregnant, and on bed rest, leaving Boo to control her brothers.  Melanie babysits her wheelchair bound grandfather.  And Sasha, fresh from the summer session at the Joffrey Institute, is hiding in Boo’s broom closet.

It’s been such a rotten summer, without ballet, that the girls are actually looking forward to going back to school.

Meanwhile, at a casino in Henderson, Nevada, a very cheesy magician and his two assistants work their ‘magic’ for the bored patrons at the 7:30 show.  Michelle does not look impressed with her role as assistant.

She’s even less impressed with her BFF and roommate Talia’s date, who is elderly, but very rich. And kind – he’s willing to set Michelle up with one of his friends, as soon as the friend gets out of hospital. Yeah, things are not good.

When Talia discovers a viral video about the “Nutcracker Macer” featuring an auto tuned Boo, Michelle is devastated. Boo’s not happy about it either. The girls think Boo should be delighted – it’s her fifteen minutes of fame!

Back in Paradise, Truly is desperate to shake Fanny out of a deep funk.  “My chi is completely stagnant,”  Fanny moans. With the house and studio a mess of boxes and protective plastic, she discovers a practice DVD of Michelle rehearsing her motley crew through a mad ballet/jazz dance to Bjork’s “It’s Oh So Quiet.” Fanny also finds Michelle and Hubbell’s wedding DVD. Watching the adoration Hubbell shows for the giddily drunk Michelle, Fanny makes a decision. Fanny heads to Nevada to confront Michelle and ask her to come home.

Michelle says Paradise is not her home, believing that Fanny wishes the wedding had never happened, but Fanny insists that the wedding has made them family, and permanently connected. Fanny agrees that she was angry at the time, but says that anyone can have a bad day. She feels that leaving Michelle in Henderson in a miserable life would be dishonouring Hubbell’s memory. He saw something in her. She dares Michelle to see it in herself, and leaves behind the wedding DVD.

Michelle watches the DVD and is touched by Hubbell’s words, especially by his prediction that Fanny will eventually love Michelle more than she loves him. He says that Michelle is special, and has no idea how incredible she is.

With none of the girls able to hide her for the night, Sasha lets herself in to Michelle’s guest house. She’s joined by Roman, who’s spent the summer miserably at his aunt’s dairy farm. They circle each other warily, but just before they can kiss, Michelle arrives. Sasha runs to her and they hug each other warmly.

Michelle enters the now spotless studio, where Fanny is teaching a class. They reach an uneasy truce, with Fanny promising to handle the angry parents.

Fanny asks Michelle for her opinion on something she’s working on, and plays the music to the viral video. The girls pirouette as Fanny assures Michelle that they’ll be in Nutcracker costumes for the actual presentation. “It’s time to dance!”