Michelle’s back in Paradise, and teaching again. The Bunheads are reluctantly drifting back to school, holiday reading unfinished. It’s like Fall all over again, but in January. Yay!

It’s a new season for Truly as well, but Truly’s sister and store landlord Millie (Liza Weil) has raised her rent. Rather than find an alternate venue, Truly proceeds to move her stock and store into Michelle’s little guest house.

When Michelle attempts to negotiate a new lease for Truly, she discovers the root of Millie’s anger towards Truly – years before, Truly stole Millie’s boyfriend, the man she cannot forget. And of course, that man was none other than Hubbell. Things, most emphatically, do not work out.

Boo’s beau, Carl, has spent six weeks at summer camp, and he returns bearing a gift, an archery set he’s carved for Boo, who loves The Hunger Games. He’s been a good boy while away, and Boo’s only indulgence was a double dip of Magic Mike. So, of course, Carl thinks it’s time they had dinner with each other’s parents.

Michelle’s reluctant counseling of Boo on behavior at the dinner fails magnificently. “Be whoever it is they want you to be, and say whatever it is they want you to say.”  Carl’s mom (Alex Bornstein) can’t stand Boo’s wishy-washy attitude. And Boo’s mom (Jennifer Hasty) makes green paella, while Boo’s brother entertains them with his own special after dinner dance interpretation of a cowboy song.

Two new students have arrived in town.  Cossette and Frankie both reek of European savoir faire and coolness. He’s a brilliant biologist, musician and artist; she is multi-lingual and a fabulous dancer. They are nomads who’ve just arrived from Bavaria. They change their wardrobe during the school day, presumably to remain camera ready and daisy fresh. I hate them already.

Predictably, Cossette infiltrates the girls’ only refuge, the dance studio. Even Sasha is jealous of Cossette’s talent. Ginny (Regina!) can’t help but fall for the romantic Frankie. Will these new arrivals bring chaos to Paradise?

Chaos is already home for Sasha. With her parents battling, she has nowhere to meet with Roman but the dance studio, and Michelle keeps catching Roman before the young lovers can find a minute to talk. Sasha’s mom finds her at the studio and lets her know that her dad is moving to San Jose, and mom’s going back to L.A. Rather than choose to join either parent,  Sasha insists she’s not leaving her friends and dance training.    

We’ll have to wait and see how Sasha’s homelessness is handled. Will Michelle jump in to foster and house the tiny dancer? And let’s keep our fingers crossed that Fanny re-appears next episode as well.