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You've seen this one before... how Star Wars, Star Trek, The Matrix, and Harry Potter are Actually the Same Movie (yet are all still awesome) - Spiteful Critic

Girl with 56 stars tattooed on face is a LIAR! Admits she asked for them and that she wanted to look like an idiot. - Telegraph

Man sent to jail for six months for pirating movie. We won't tell you which movie, but it's supremo-FAILtastic and they should be thanking their lucky stars someone wants it. - gizmodo

Chapstick for fatties. Because their lips hurt really bad, too. - Olivia Munn

Very funny paramedic fail. The country this happened in must have socialized medicine. - Today's Big Fail

Buffy vs Edward Cullen (Twilight Remixed). Five minutes of frozen dialog. -

From the 'why didn't I think of this' file: The Go Plate - Reusable Food & Beverage Holder - Keg Works

Guy arrested for dealing drugs in the middle of having his hair done. With a fantastic mugshot. - Courier Press

Why I don't shop at Lowe's - Fail blog

Can't these celebs afford a plumber? Here's the top 45 most heinous celebrity butt crack shots - Fab Life

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