"When (Buckcherry comes) out playing hard and fast and trying to blow your ears out of your head, it's so reassuring to know someone still does that. It brings back the uncomplicated and unapologetic rock of bands that look and sound like they just rolled out of the gutter, strapped on their gear and turned up their amps. The world needs more romanticizing of good sleaze-rock." -Contra Costa Times, September 28, 2006

Down-and-dirty rock's Buckcherry returned in 2006 with a hit album, 15, and the band's biggest-ever crossover track, "Crazy Bitch." But the group's decadent hard rock sound first gained notice with its renowned self-titled 1999 debut album. The CD+DVD Buckcherry - Special Edition (Geffen/UMe), coming November 17, presents that sleaze rock classic and adds the band's first ever DVD, featuring three rare audio tracks and seven rare videos.

Two studio recordings from 1999, "Late Nights In Voodoo" and "Fastback 69," and "Lit Up (Live At Woodstock '99)" are previously commercially unreleased in the U.S. Along with videos for the album's "Lit Up," "Check Your Head," "Dead Again" and "For The Movies" are live-at-the-Viper-Room performance videos for "For The Movies," "Crushed" and "Check Your Head."

Buckcherry bucked the alternative trends of the '90s both in sound and style. Formed in 1995, and led by singer Joshua Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson--who met through their tattoo artist and named the group after an outrageous transvestite, Buck Cherry, who would bum cigarettes from Nelson after Hollywood gigs--the band quickly earned a major following on the L.A. club scene.

Premiering on DreamWorks Records with a self-titled album co-produced by Terry Date (Soundgarden, Pantera) and guesting ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones, Buckcherry unleashed the Top 40 Modern Rockers "Lit Up" and "For The Movies," and Top 40 Mainstream Rock hits "Check Your Head" and "Dead Again." Critically praised and certified gold, the Buckcherry disc represented the epitome of raucous rock.

But after the release of 2001's Timebomb and a tour with musical heroes AC/DC, the band fell apart. Buckcherry was seemingly a goner upon Todd's 2002 departure. Three years later, however, Todd and Nelson (who was infamously involved in Velvet Revolver and is credited as a writer on that band's "Dirty Little Thing") re-teamed, backed by a new supporting cast. A tour with Motley Crue followed, as has the surprisingly well-received 15.

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