In the wake of the recent conflict in Georgia, global recording artist Bryan Adams will head to Tbilisi, Georgia, for a September 19th concert billed as Peace, Freedom and Democracy for Georgia.

The free concert will take place at 8pm at Rikhe Square in Tbilisi, the capital and largest city of the Republic of Georgia.

The performance comes 40 days following the first date of loss of life in that country – a significant day for the predominantly Orthodox Christian faith who believe the souls of those departed continue their journey after 40 days.

The concert will be followed 2 days later by the Peace One Day concert in London spearheaded by Annie Lennox. Since 2001, Peace One Day has been an annual global initiative to have one Peace Day where all ceasefire on September 21.

Adams has a history of going into country's following periods of unrest - (Vietnam, Pakistan, Jordan, Sri Lanka) and his work for organizations such as Amnesty International, the Concert to Free Nelson Mandela are well documented. It is hoped this symbolic gesture of peace will inspire leaders to consider alternatives to conflict resolution.

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