Each episode of the acclaimed Sundance series, Live From Abbey Road keeps getting better with interviews and performances from the most accredited artists and bands. Academy Award nominee for songwriting in films, Bryan Adams will start off episode 11 with his first #1 single, "Heaven." Off the five time platinum album, Reckless, this strong ballad was featured on "A Night In Heaven" soundtrack. The Canadian rock singer follows with a performance of "She's Got A Way" from his eleventh and latest album, 11. Pursuing the "eleven theory," 11 features 11 tracks, and is sold in most retail stores for $11, and had an "11 Days, 11 Cities" tour to promote the album. Adams wraps up this powerful set with "Cuts Like A Knife," a song about how painful it is to be betrayed by someone you love.

Double up with Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals 2-disc album, Both Sides of the Gun. "Better Way," a song off the #7 album on the billboard charts will be the first played in the three piece set. The band continues to be successful with their 2007 album, Lifeline and will perform the heartfelt "Fool For A Lonesome Train." Being their eighth studio album, Lifeline was recorded in Paris in only seven days while the band was on tour for their previous album, Both Sides of the Gun. Bringing some funk to the stage for an upbeat closing, Harper will show off his vocals with a cover of Bill Withers' "Use Me Up."

Fresh, solo, and ready to perform, Justin Currie has finally taken the leap to record his own album What Is Love For. Initially called Rebound, the album was subsequently re-titled and released in 2007. With clever lyrics and mournful beats, "Still In Love" will be Currie's only song performed. "Still In Love" has a "brutally selfish point of view," claims Currie and with lyrics like "I reminisce like a hangman wishing his prisoners well" this will make to an interesting ending for episode 11 of Live From Abbey Road.

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