Bruce Willis is most famous for his role as John McClane in the Die Hard films. This week, the fifth film in the 25-year-old franchise hits theaters, and it combines his number one movie job with his number one real life job. Bruce Willis is also a father, and  features John McClane teaming up with his son Jack (Jai Courtney).

It’s my favorite job, being a father,” Willis said. “I have four girls now. They’re a captive audience. They can’t really run away from you even if they don’t like your jokes. I just enjoy it. I love making my kids laugh and I still do the dumbest things in the world to make them laugh. I do that with my youngest daughter now to make her laugh.”

When comparing his two jobs, Willis knows which one is more important. “One is a job, it’s a film concept and the other is real life. You want to try to get them ready to get out in the world and grow up to be women that have good morals and good intentions that are nice people who are kind. I never knew until they got older that I was having any impact on them.”

See what kind of father John McClane is in A Good Day to Die Hard, out February 14.