Here's the latest on and around NBC's The Voice: I look back on what each team from Season 1 accomplished after the show. Who had the best 2010?

What happened after The Voice ended? We know that the Top 8 artists went on a national tour and that a CD of highlights was released. The majority of the artists continued to actively perform across the country, and the coaches kept themselves busy with touring, new albums and Grammy nominations.

Behind the scenes, Christina Milian replaced Alison Haislip as the show's social media correspondent, and teams were expanded from 8 to 12 artists for season two.

The show also moved from airing on Tuesdays with a results show on Wednesdays, to airing for two hours on Mondays, with a special premiere on Super Bowl Sunday.

And NBC capitalized on the show's popularity by selling Voice merchandise.

But what was the final score for your favorite team? Read on to find out...