French television executives believe that Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are too racy for daytime television and have recommended that broadcasters only air their music videos at night.

French media regulator CSA is particularly concerned over Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and Spears' "Work B---h" videos, which don't include parental guidance warnings.

CSA execs issued a statement on Thursday, pointing out Cyrus' "sexually explicit" video in which she rides a wrecking ball in the nude. As for Spears, she wears bondage gear and uses a whip, which shows "a sadomachistic universe representing women in a way that risks shocking many viewers."

CSA believes the content is only appropriate for adults and the videos should hit the airwaves after 10 p.m.

Spears recently kicked off her two-year residency in Las Vegas. She's been acused of lip-syching as well as having fake, painted-on abs. She also nearly had a major wardrobe malfunction when her dress came undone in the back and nearly fell off of her.