One Direction star Harry Styles made headlines after allegedly hooking up with a stripper last week, but now the exotic dancer, Chelsea Ferguson has dismissed the reports after a rep for Harry called the story a "complete fabrication."

Wednesday night Ferguson tweeted that she would be at the Perdu nighclub in Newcastle, England, which is where Harry was also spotted. Britain's Mirror reported that the two hooked up at the club and that Ferguson spilled all the details.

"Things got out of control. We were intimate. Let's just say all pop stars think they can be with you and Harry is no different," Ferguson reportedly said. "I had done a striptease and showed my boobs. He walked up to me and said, 'Hi, I'm Harry. I have just done a gig in Newcastle.' ...."He stared at the rose tattoo on my hand. Then he lifted up his shirt and showed me the ones on his chest. He smiled and said, 'Look, we have our tattoos in common.'

"He said he'd never seen boobs like mine before and that he had been looking at them all night."

But now Chelsea denies she said any of that, accusing the paper of making it up.

"what the f**k?!" she tweeted over the weekend. "The papers make their own version of events up... That whole story is bulls**t and I certainly did not 'sell' it. They will make up anything!!"

Harry's rep also denied the claims, saying, "Harry did not get 'intimate' with Chelsea Ferguson. This story is complete fabrication. Harry spoke to many fans that night but nothing else happened. Harry enjoyed his night and left completely fine."

Interestingly, Chelsea retweeted a few messages from fans over the weekend that make her denial look a little suspicious though.

"Looks like I missed out in Newcastle last night," one fan wrote, " little cradle snatcher."

After retweeting the message, Chelsea, 23, responded, "wasn't last night it was Wednesday haha."

She also reposted, "A few more jealous bi–hes moanin @chelsfergo for bein out with HarryStyles last night hahaha I hope u rocked his world! #TeamFergo"; along with a dig at Styles's ex, Taylor Swift.

"I wonder if Taylor Swift will write a song about @chelsfergo partying with her ex Harry Styles," the fan wrote.