British glamour model and tabloid regular Danielle Lloyd was involved in a bloody brawl at the Crystal club in London's West End this weekend.

Police have arrested two women for allegedly attacking Lloyd in the VIP room where she was dancing.

According to The Sun, a witness said: "I think one kicked Danielle — it may have been an accident. She got up to remonstrate. I saw her in a tangle with at least one other woman. Punches and slaps were being thrown. Danielle came falling backward off the sofa and landed on a (glass) table. She cut her leg pretty badly. Jamie (O'hara; British soccer star) and some guy who may have been the other girl's boyfriend were being held apart by bouncers who threw Jamie out."

A spokesman for the 25-year-old added, "Danielle sustained a serious wound to her back which required stitches upon arrival at hospital. The operation on her leg was successful."