In a recent interview, Brett Ratner gave's Mike Ryan the latest developments on "Beverly Hills Cop IV." If you didn't catch the news a few months ago, Paramount pictures announced the go-ahead on the fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cops franchise. Can BHC made a comeback under the direction of Ratner? According to Brett, you're going to be surprised.

Mike Ryan: What's the latest on "Beverly Hills Cop IV"?

Brett Ratner: I'm having a conversation with Eddie today. We're working on the script and when that script comes in we're going to make that movie.

My only suggestion, please avoid amusement parks for this one.

Heh. Well, yeah, obviously. I mean, if you don't think Eddie recognizes that that movie's ["Beverly Hills Cop 3"] not good, if you don't think I recognize that movie's not good, I mean, come on. It's obviously a bad movie. We're obviously aspiring to make a movie as good as the first one. It's not always easy. It's harder when you're in it. I'm an outsider; I only came up with the idea of "Rush Hour" because "Beverly Hills Cop" existed. And I would never go to another movie like "Rush Hour." Do you know how many movies I've been offered like "Rush Hour" -- buddy cop action movies? I thought I did the best contemporary version of that genre. For me, the only challenge was to do "Beverly Hills Cop." There's nothing better. Even though there's a bad version of "Beverly Hills Cop" -- which is "Beverly Hills Cop 3" -- and I totally recognize that. You're going to see (laughs) you're going to be very surprised by this.

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