Anyone even remotely exposed to Breaking Bad has to remember the scum-of-the-Earth attorney Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), Walter's (literal) partner in crime. Saul is, as Jesse points out, the attorney of choice for criminals who are actually guilty, as he will use all available resources to bail his clients out - provided they can pay a substantial fee for all the skullduggery.

Saul has a talent for schystering, goading characters into a 'safe' situation. He's got a silvery forked tongue and could probably sell glasses to a blind man. But don't get him near a courthouse. God forbid he actually has to do any Lawyer-ing.

Saul's 'loose' interpretation of the law has gotten him, Walter and Jesse out of some seriously tough binds in the past. But what people love most about him is the comedic relief he brings to an otherwise quite morbid series. Yeah, Jesse can be funny from time to time (I don't think I've heard more creative ways to end a sentence with 'bitch') and Walter's constant bad life decisions can be painfully humorous, but Saul's tongue and cheek sarcasm always had me chuckling.

Apparently I'm not alone. The "Breaking Bad" audience has spoken, and it seems like they want to see more of Saul. He's the kind of character everyone wants to like - the bad guy who's pretending to be a good guy with considerably more flaws than most, and a heart that practically runs on dollar bills. The show could certainly stand on its own as a series of episodic legal mishaps that Saul has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I'm sure Jesse and Walt could even make guest appearances as Saul's show falls into cadence with their story. At the very least, the Saul show would be able to take over when "Breaking Bad" ends - as it must (sooner and more gracefully, rather than later, please.)

AMC hasn't officially said anything about whether or not the Saul Goodman show is actually being considered, but there are rumors floating around that scripts may be in the works and that contracts are being prepared. On that note, we can leave you with some Goodman quotes for you to enjoy.

“Look, let’s start with some tough love, all right? Ready for this? Here goes: You two suck at peddling meth. Period.”

“As to your dead guy, occupational hazard. Drug dealer getting shot? I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say it’s been known to happen.”

“Let’s just say I know a guy… who knows a guy… who knows another guy.”

“Let’s ditch the thesaurus, all right? You talkin’ about a hit man? . . . Pzzzt. Wrong answer! That’s what the kids call epic fail.”

We will keep you posted with any further developments. Currently, "Breaking Bad" is in the middle of its 5th season. The mid-season hiatus will be over this summer with the airing of episode nine. No date has been set yet, but stay tuned, and we'll have all the latest previews and recaps for you.