*Spoiler alert for those that have not watched "Breaking Bad" yet, as I’ll be spoiling the ending right up front.*

Well… there goes that theory that Todd’s an undercover cop.

It’s not like Jesse, and certainly Walt, haven’t killed people before. They’ve killed drug dealers. Jesse killed sweet Gale, but only in trying to protect his own and Walt’s life—and even then, it destroyed him inside.

Walt stood by as Jane choked on her own vomit. And near gleefully killed Gus’ men and the man himself. But again—those were bad people.

Todd murdered a child. Who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Interestingly, we see Jesse’s look of horror and shock (as well as hear his scream), when Todd pulls out his gun. But we don’t get to see much of Walt’s reaction. It’ll be important to see how he reacts next week.

It wasn’t shocking for that child not to be long for the world. When my roommate pointed out that you could hear a train in the background when he was collecting a spider in the opening minutes of last night’s episode, and then you never saw him again—you knew he would stumble across the train thieves siphoning off methylamine for their own dirty purposes.

But my mind assumed Mike would come out of nowhere and gun him down. Or even Walt—though I didn’t really assume Walt had a weapon on him.

I certainly wasn’t expecting Todd. Not after the little innocent wave that he gave him.

But that was the point.

Jesse told him earlier in this episode that there were to be no witnesses. As we saw when Todd disabled the nanny cam without asking, he’s very good about following orders and he believes in this job.

While Jesse does the job, he has a code—or believed he did. Next week, however, we’ll find out what Walt’s code is. Or is now.

Other quick thoughts:

We see more of the fall-out from the epic fight between Walt and Skylar from last week. She pretty much agrees to be whatever he wants her to be if he’ll let the children not live in their home anymore. Walt starts to see her argument and kind of agrees to it. However, I’m more interested in if this is when Skylar starts to begin her own trip to the darkside.

Speaking of the children, Walt Jr. is now being called by his other name Flynn by Hank and Marie, but Walt is damned if he’s not going to be called Walt Jr.

I also loved Hank having fun with Holly around. Is this purpose foreshadowing that one or both the kids end up with Hank and Marie at the end of the series? It would make the most sense…

Walt uses the pain he probably feels on some level to get into Hank’s office to bug it so the crew can find out whether or not Lydia really did pretend to plant that GPS tracker on their methylamine. At the last minute, they do indeed discover it was an idiot at the DEA who was in a rush and Lydia is spared yet again.