“Because I said so.” With that line, Walter White leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind that he is fully in charge. He not only “won” in his battle against Gus Fring, but he is the one in charge now and what he says—goes.

No wonder his own wife is afraid of him and her former lover is absolutely terrified for his life. Even Mike realizes this new attitude will be trouble, but he goes along with it. (For now of course.)

Of course, the opening scene shows us that Walt isn’t necessarily in charge any more sometime in the future. Back with hair, but seemingly also back with cancer, he is far, far away from home and buying some serious weaponry. (From the same guy who sold him his first gun.)

It’s unclear when this scene takes place in the future, but given that Walt tells the waitress it’s his birthday and he makes a 52 out of bacon, it’s probably about 6 months to a year from now, since the pilot of Breaking Bad starts off on his 50th birthday—and with bacon made of soy.

Whatever problem or problems Walt is dealing with in the future must be massive, even compared to the scheme he, Mike and Jesse pulled off this week.

“Yeah bitches. Magnets!”

Jesse was triumphant with his scheme to use a magnet to destroy the laptop that contained evidence of his and Walter’s time in the super lab. At first, Walt and Mike mocked his hair-brained scheme, but both came around and saw it was the only option. Little did they know that by destroying the laptop, they accidentally and unwittingly unearthed new evidence behind a photo Gus had on his desk. (Which also seems to show, yet again, that he was more than just business partners with his… partner.)

Jesse and Walter were thick as thieves again in the season premiere, and even Mike seems to go along with the dynamic. But how long will this last, as Walt is clearly very alone when he takes his trip up to the Denny’s somewhere between New Mexico and New Hampshire.

Other quick thoughts:

- Did anyone else get an Alien/Prometheus vibe when Hank was wandering through the destroyed super lab?

- How did they know the exact location of the evidence room? Mike was able to find out the laptop was there, but how did they know which wall it actually bordered on?

- We got confirmation that Huell did in fact lift the ricin cigarette from Jesse last season. (Not that it was ever in doubt to me.)

- In the same scene, we saw how scary Walt can be in front of people when he puts the fear into Saul—enough to make him stay on as his attorney.