Hundreds of props from critically acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad are set to hit the auction block.

The memorabilia, which includes the Hazmat suits the lead characters wear on the show, a pivotal pink teddy bear from season two and the Pontiac Aztek driven by Bryan Cranston's character Walter White, will be auctioned off following the series finale on September 29th on's founder Bill Block estimates the props could fetch over $2 million. Many other props from the hits show were sold off at a charity auction in New Mexico on Saturday.

The sale at a thrift store in Albuquerque attracted huge lines of fans desperate to acquire souvenirs. Items in the sale included a pair of shoes worn by Cranston, as well as a pair of his character's trousers, several shirts, and a variety of chemistry lab equipment.

The goods were donated by show bosses to raise funds for the Goodwill of New Mexico programs.