The 2013 Primetime Emmy Awards were full of few surprises. "Breaking Bad" and "Modern Family" were the big winners at the 65th annual event, held Sunday night. Bad took the prize for Best Drama, and actress Anna Gunn won the Best Supporting Actress trophy. (See who else won here.)

Mexican singer/actress Eiza Gonzalez and Liam Hemsworth, who hooked up last weekend at a party in Las Vegas, are reportedly already in love with each other. A friend of Eiza's says the couple is "definitely together", that they "spent that night together", and that has revealed that the Mexican singer/actress has been telling close friends that she and Liam Hemsworth are definitely together. "Eiza says they are in love! They’ve moved really fast,” the source says. (story)

Miley Cyrus is continuing her "how far can I push the boundaries of decency" tour. This time she chose to wear a mesh dress over a pair of tiny panties with pasties covering her nipples. Seems like she's just desperately trying to sell records. (story)

Jane Lynch paid tribute to her "Glee" co-star Cory Monteith at the Emmys Sunday night, insisting his death in July is a reminder of the "senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction". "This summer on our show Glee we suffered a painful death in our family," Lynch said. "His death is a tragic reminder of the rapacious, senseless destruction that is brought on by addiction. Tonight we remember Cory for all he was and mourn the loss of all he could have been." (story)

"Saturday Night Live" alum Andy Samberg and longtime girlfriend Joanna Newsom tied the knot on Saturday in Big Sur, Calif. Pal Justin Timberlake and wife Jessica Biel were reportedly guests, and fortunately there were no impromptu performances of "D*ck In A Box" during the reception. (story)

Chris Brown's beating of Rihanna will hang over him forever, and he's now upset that Jay-Z gets so much respect by fans and in the music industry even though he sold drugs at one point and stabbed someone. What Brown doesn't realize is that hitting a woman trumps everything. The way we see it, you can sell all the cocaine or pot in the world and send someone to the hospital for a few stitches, but once you strike a woman it's unforgivable. So no, Chris, you don't deserve the same respect as Jay-Z. (story)

Two people were arrested in Thailand last week while Rihanna was visiting the country during her current "Diamonds" World Tour. The singer posed innocently with a slow loris, a protected squirrel-like creature native to the area, and the photo she posted on Instagram caught the attention of police, who arrested two men on suspicion of possessing the animals illegally. Area authorities believe the animals are being used as a tourist attraction. (story)

Following a year on the road, Mumford & Sons have announced that they'll be taking an extended hiatus. Fans have reportedly been freaking out over the news. The band says they plan to "do very little" as far as it comes to working in the band. (story)

Showtime's hit series "Dexter" has finally come to an end. Read what happened in the show's finale in our recap. (story)