Late last month 20 year old Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini was made celebrity by auctioning off her virginity on the Australian website The winning bidder is a man from Japan known as "Natsu."

The controversial website site and concept is also part of a documentary being made by Australian filmmaker Jason Sisely.

"We will fly over the winner to Australia and obviously, for the sake of the film and privacy, we can't disclose where and when the act will take place. I have to leave some details for the documentary" stated Sisely.

The website also states that all women will undergo a medical exam to prove their virginity; but since this story hit the airwaves several experts have weighed in to dispute whether or not someones virginity can be proven.

Catarina, who vows she's still a virgin, says she'll give up to 90% of her "fee" to a charity that builds homes in her namesake Brazilian state -- Santa Catarina.


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