R&B star Brandy has opened up about the eating disorder she suffered as a teenager, revealing she "stopped" consuming food in a bid to slim down.
The Boy Is Mine hit-maker was thrust into the spotlight after starring in the sitcom Thea as a youngster and she released her self-titled debut album when she was just 15 years old. Brandy admits the pressures of fame made her want to be "thinner" and she embarked on a drastic diet to shed the pounds.
She tells ETOnline, "I was very young and I stopped eating. Every time I looked in the mirror I just, I just saw this girl that I wanted to be a lot thinner. It got to a point where it was... it was unhealthy. I think every actress at some point goes through that feeling of wanting to be thinner."

The star lost 20 pounds, but stopped the diet when it began making her unwell - and she's now happy with her figure.
She adds, "Success without happiness is the biggest failure."

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