Bradley Cooper plays Face in the A-Team movie, but you know that’s only the beginning of his hotness. He makes sure his whole body is on display in the film. Shirtless shots of Bradley’s pecs and abs glistening in the desert sun reveal how hard he works to look the part.

“There was a trainer, actually Conrad, who was training me for the movie,” Cooper said. “She came out to Vancouver and they were providing the food regimen of 2,000 calories per day so it really didn’t matter where. Hell traveled with me, so it didn’t matter where I was.”

That body was fragile too. Throughout The A-Team’s action scenes, Cooper had to be in shape just to survive. “There was one scene where we had just recovered the plates and we were going to celebrate with General Morris and the hummer blows up and we ran to that. I tore my hamstring that night. I found myself discovering new bruises every time I came home at night. Epsom Salts were my savior on this movie. I still have a scar from the butt of the M4. I still have it from the training. Yeah. I got banged up on this movie.”

It was all his own doing though. Cooper was game to get into the action, and sold himself on director Joe Carnahan and studio 20th Century Fox. “There weren’t a plethora of action movies that were coming to me and I fought for this. The reason I wanted to do it was Joe Carnahan and Liam Neeson were attached. I asked for a meeting with Joe and we met and we literally hit it off. We talked for like 2 1/2 hours. It felt like 5 minutes and he gave me the script. He took me over to Jules [Daly], the producer, then he gave me the script. I texted him the next day and I said, ‘I gotta do the guy’ and he was like, ‘All right, bro, let’s do this.’ It was a testament to Joe fighting for me to get it because this was before Hangover came out or anything.”

Now Face has made an indelible mark on Cooper’s life too. Let’s hope there’s a sequel. “I loved Face. We created sort of a childlike enjoyment of what he did. He’s the first guy in, last guy out and he’d die for his friends in a heartbeat. At my greatest, I’d be 1/8th of Face. I really loved him. I loved playing that guy.”

The A-Team opens Friday.