Brad Pitt and Will Smith are both fine (and handsome) actors with extraordinary careers and contributions in the film industry, but there can only be one winner when the two square off. Who reigns supreme? Keep reading to find out!

Round 1: Versatility and Variety

Pitt and Smith have both played an array of characters. Pitt has been an assassin, a vampire, a dissociative identity disorder victim's other personality, a detective and even Greek hero Achilles. Smith has played a superhero, boxing champion Muhammad Ali, a cop, and an agent of the Men In Black among others.

Pitt In 'Ocean's Thirteen'

Although both actors are versatile, Pitt wins this category. He rarely plays the same type of character in the same context twice, with the exception of sequels such as Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen. Smith, on the other hand, seems to gravitate towards roles such as the comedic cop or some type of other official title such as Detective Mike Lowry in Bad Boys and Captain Steven Hiller in Independence Day. In both Independence Day and Men In Black, Smith plays an official who is fighting against aliens.

Smith In 'Hancock'

Round 2: Television

It is no secret that Pitt is not familiar with the small screen. His most famous appearance as a television actor is when he guest-starred on Friends and that was when he was married to Jennifer Aniston.

One of Smith's greatest characters is one who shares the same name as himself in the television sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In the series, Smith played a teenager from Philadelphia who moves out to Los Angeles to live with his wealthy aunt, uncle and cousins. Smith's character is likeable, charming and hilarious. The show grew very popular in the 1990s and still remains popular today. Smith wins this round.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Round 3: In Theaters Now

Both Pitt and Smith currently have movies in theaters. Smith's film, Seven Pounds , is about a man who wants to change the lives of seven strangers. Pitt stars in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in which his character, Benjamin Button, is born an old man who grows younger with time. Both films have an interesting premise, but "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" seems to spark more viewers' interests. It made $27 million in its opening weekend, while "Seven Pounds" made just $14 million. In addition, "Benjamin Button" and Pitt received Golden Globe nominations while "Seven Pounds" and Smith have not. Pitt wins again.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

WINNER: Brad Pitt

Who do you think deserves the crown? Do you disagree with our assessment? Leave a comment below!

Story by Sara Martone

Starpulse contributing writer