Brad Pitt and Marie Osmond, along with Brian Williams, head the list of flirts compiled by Flirtologist Jill Spiegel. "These well-known flirts engage and inspire us," says Spiegel, author of "Flirting For Success and The Flirtologist's Guide To Dating."

"Flirting is connecting with people and life in a genuine, playful and meaningful way," says Spiegel.

Here's her flirt list:

- Brad Pitt who heads up the Make It Right project in New Orleans to provide a good quality of life. Flirts are compassionate.

- Marie Osmond for her cheerfulness after fainting on Dancing With The Stars. Flirts have a positive attitude.

- Brian Williams, news anchor turned comedic actor as host on Saturday Night Live. Flirts love to laugh.

- Miley Cyrus who shines with a down-to-earth essence as Disney's Hannah Montana. Flirts are genuine.

- Brett Favre who plays football with unstoppable team spirit. Flirts are supportive.

- Colbie Caillat who launched a hit song and CD from her MySpace page. Flirts are imaginative.

- Wesley Autry who courageously rescued a man caught under a train. Flirts have a mission.

- Taylor Swift, talented and genuine singer/songwriter of country music. Flirts are grateful.

- David Beckham for reinvigorating the sport of soccer by bringing it to America. Flirts share their passions.

- The Queen of England, age 81, who recently toured America, started a Royal Channel on YouTube and celebrated her 60th wedding anniversary.

Flirts have a zest for life!

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