Two boy bands are doing big things in 2013 or as rapper T.I. Would say, “Big things poppin’”. Emblem3 are a  product of the X-Factor US while One Direction was a product of X-Factor Great Britain. Neither band was victorious on their respective seasons, but regardless of winning or losing, both seemed to be poised to for the limelight.  Emblem3 recently released their debut album Nothing To Lose while One Direction prepare to release, wait for it, a movie.  Who else did that?…coughs* Justin Bieber… cough*

Teen-pop is all about a package.  That isn’t to say that artistry is unimportant, but creating the perfect package for the youth to buy is the goal.  With Emblem3 and One Direction, Simon Cowell offers two different ‘products’ that ultimately have the same goal – making that paper. As Akon put it, “I’m gon’ tell you, like Wu told me, cash rules everything around me / singin’ dolla dolla bill y’all…” Both have the looks and voices, but when examined side by side, who has the edge when it’s all said and done? Emblem3 takes on One Direction, ready, set, GO!