1) Divergent- 60M Weekend, 60M Total

Sure, it seems low, given how massive The Hunger Games was. But Divergent isn’t The Hunger Games, and it hasn’t been getting as good of reviews. I still feel like I’m lowballing it a tad, but almost every other figure I’ve seen for Divergent is below mine. I think the reviews are factoring in, and people don’t see any growth over the weekend, rather the potential for drops.

2) Muppets Most Wanted- 22M Weekend, 24M Total

Counter-programming. The last Muppets did well over Thanksgiving weekend, so the hope is that the sequel will do similar business. However, there was a ton of hype over the return of the Muppets the first time around. There isn’t that nostalgia anymore, and MMW will attract only the people who want to see a sequel.

3) Mr Peabody and Sherman- 15M Weekend, 84M Total

Even with Muppets Most Wanted, Mr Peabody and Sherman will hold up because of strong word of mouth.

4) 300: Rise Of An Empire- 11M Weekend, 96M Total

300 won’t be directly affected by Divergent, and has been holding up rather well mid-week. It’ll get within striking distance of 100M this weekend.

5) Need For Speed- 8M Weekend, 30M Total

Need For Speed had a disappointing opening, and will likely drop over 50% this weekend.

6) Non Stop- 7M Weekend, 79M Total

Non-Stop has been holding up well, and will continue to do OK this weekend.

7) The Lego Movie- 5M Weekend, 243M Total

8) The Grand Budapest Hotel- 5M Weekend, 11M Total

9) The Single Mom’s Club- 4M Weekend, 14M Total

10) Son Of God- 3M Weekend, 56M Total

Also opening:

God’s Not Dead- might do about 1M this weekend.

Notably Expanding:

In addition to The Grand Budapest Hotel’s expansion of +238 screens, Bad Words is expanding to 87 screens. It will also come close to about a million this weekend. Veronica Mars is adding about 60 screens, and will stay above the million dollar mark this weekend as well.