"You've got balls!" While it may appear to be an insult, it's really a grudging compliment -- an off-color testament to a person's confidence, fearlessness and take-no-prisoners approach to life.

To mark the premiere of its uncensored and very "ballsy" new sketch comedy series, "The Whitest Kids U' Know," the IFC cable network asked Americans a direct and unprecedented question -- to name the politicians, political pundits and entertainment stars they think have the most major cojones...and those who are most in need of more testosterone in their public lives!

So which politicians, pundits and entertainment figures have balls...and who most needs them? Here's the word from the 1,500 respondents to IFC's "Who's Got 'Em?" survey.

Who has the biggest balls in the world of entertainment?
Sacha Baron Cohen, the man behind Borat, was the runaway most ballsy star with a whopping 40% of the vote. Followed by: Simon Cowell (14%), Rosie O'Donnell (11%), Britney Spears (10%), Donald Trump and Oprah (7% each), Bono (6%), Martha Stewart (5%) and Oliver Stone (2%).

Which entertainer is most of in need of some balls?
Pretty face actors from two generations share this dubious in-need-of 'nads honor, with Tom Cruise and Zac Efron each scoring 21%. Followed by: Clay Aiken (19%), Ryan Seacrest (11%), James Blunt (10%), Celine Dion (9%), John Mayer 3%), Josh Groban, Michael Buble and Adrian Grenier (2% each).

Which political pundit is the most "ballsy?"
Respondents find Stephen Colbert the most ballsy pundit (a whopping 36%). Followed by: Rush Limbaugh (19%), Bill O'Reilly (14%), Keith Olbermann (8%), Chris Matthews, Don Imus, Maureen Dowd (5% each), Lou Dobbs, Arianna Huffington and Sean Hannity rounded out the field (4%, 3% and 1%).

Who has the biggest balls in politics?
Nature may have given them to man, but in the rough and tumble world of politics, a lady rules. According to the IFC/Whitest Kids U' Know sponsored survey, Hillary Clinton is the most "ballsy" politician, earning 26% of the total tally. Followed by: Ron Paul (18%), Bill Clinton (15%), Barack Obama (14%), John McCain (7%), Karl Rove (6%), Al Gore (5%), Michael Bloomberg (4%), Al Sharpton (3%) and Mike Huckabee (2%).

Which politician is most in need of more balls?
Poll takers think that our tough talkin' President George W. Bush needs more huevos to set the world right (27%). Followed by: John Edwards (24%), Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid (at 15% and 14%, they're collectively more balls-needy than the President), Condoleezza Rice (8%), Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney (6% each).

"The Whitest Kids U' Know" is a new, 10-episode, weekly sketch comedy series airing on IFC at 11pm. The five young members of the troupe offer a fresh, balls-out take on politics, gender relations and pop culture, in a style reminiscent of comedy classics like The Kids in the Hall and Monty Python, in completely uncensored, commercial-free half-hour episodes. Preview sketches from the series can now be seen at http://www.ifctv.com.