With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming Oscar awards, it is easy to overlook the animals that play such an important role in movies. Although animals are an integral part of some of the most acclaimed films, their well-being and safety are sometimes neglected.

American Humane, the authority behind the "No Animals Were Harmed" end credit disclaimer on film and TV productions, applauds those nominated movies that included animal-safety monitoring as part of their production process -- but calls attention to those that did not.

The following Oscar-nominated films, which were not monitored by American Humane, contain animal action that appears to have put animals in jeopardy and, in some cases, may have caused an animal's death:

* Apocalypto
* Borat
* The Last King of Scotland
* Babel
* Marie Antoinette
* Blood Diamond
* Notes on a Scandal
* The Queen

Most of these movies were filmed outside the United States, in locations that included England, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa and Uganda. Current funding restrictions for American Humane necessitates that, when filming outside the United States, productions pay a fee for the monitoring services as well as other travel-related expenses for American Humane's Certified Animal Safety Representatives. The above productions either had prior knowledge of this standard process and declined American Humane's services, or were foreign productions that were not familiar with American Humane.