The word Beyoncé Knowles uses to describe her sexy butt has been listed as an official term. Bootylicious - taken from the chart-topping hit of the same name by the singer's former group Destiny's Child - is to be added to the dictionary. Beyoncé admits she is puzzled the word is being added to the English language, and has given her own explanation as to what the raunchy term means.

She is quoted in TV Hits magazine as saying: "I'm not very proud of that. It's in the dictionary - it's crazy. I don't know what it says in the dictionary but my definition is beautiful, bountiful and bounce-able."

The stunning star, who is dating rapper Jay-Z, claims if she had previously known she would create a word when she penned the track she would have come up with something better. She added: "I wrote the song, but I wish there was another word I could have come up with if I was going to have a word in the dictionary."