Like most of the best shows, "Bones" went on a holiday hiatus while the rest of the world indulged in fruitcake and put up with noisy relatives. Then, like the holidays themselves, TV schedules give way to getting back on a routine, meaning we go back to watching "Bones." And, just in case all of that holiday booze went to your head, here are some of the things to remember about the show before it went on break and what you can expect now that it's back.

The Ghost

The half-season's last episode wasn't the tongue in cheek flirty fare that we're used to when watching "Bones." Instead it was a bit darker and told from the side of the victim, Colin. Booth and Brennan end with a major disagreement over who killed the boy; Booth is almost positive that it was his father. In the end, neither was right. It turned out that Colin had died while riding on the hood of a car and it spooked his friends so bad they decided not to tell anyone. Luckily, the 2013 opener promises to be a little lighter than the break finale.


Don't forget that there were some romances a-brewin' between certain members of the team. Things between Booth and Brennan were a little weird when she came back out of hiding and it seemed like they were having trouble restarting the flame – tension, anyone? Unfortunately, the relationship between Sweets and Daisy fizzled when Daisy wanted the pair to move in together and Sweets realized he didn't want to – and that was a bad sign. They're done for the time being, but that does leave room for some romantic connections during the next few months.

Coming Soon

It looks like the writers for "Bones" have a lot of surprises and entertainment after ending 2012 on a grim note. In fact, the first episode of 2013 will feature Brennan and Booth at the center of a ballroom dance competition, of all things. Don't worry though, Booth apparently paid his way through college as a ballroom dancer – who knew? Some of the other stuff you can look forward to is the fact that a bombshell secret will be announced during the first episode of this year. Apparently, sources are saying it's a secret that Booth hasn't told anyone.

Brennan will also get a healthy dose of character development during the second half of the season, when she starts to see visions of her mother. You can expect a lot of flashbacks as we get to see what Brennan was like as a child. Let's just hope she didn't spend all of her afternoons dissecting animals. Booth's mom will also make an appearance, but she'll be in the flesh rather than a vision. While casting hasn't yet been done for the part, we'll be excited to see what Mrs. Booth is really like.

In personal news, you can expect that Cam and Arastoo are finally going to go public with their relationship while Angela and Hodgins deal with career changes looming ahead. But, don't worry about the cast petering out just yet, there's going to be a new squintern introduced to the lab.

In a nutshell, the new year of "Bones" sounds just as exciting and twisty and touching as the last – I mean, who can forget the veteran episode? "Bones" manages to somehow balance the gruesomeness of the forensic crime business with the human element between Booth and Brennan along with a little dark and delicious humor. Some of the other crime and forensic shows should take note.

Remember to keep an eye on writer Stephanie Caldwell's upcoming posts as Bones returns on Monday.